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ROX 12.1 EVO Set GPS Bike Computer + Sensor Speed, Cadence, HR
ROX 12.1 EVO Set GPS Bike Computer + Sensor Speed, Cadence, HR
ROX 12.1 EVO Set GPS Bike Computer + Sensor Speed, Cadence, HR
ROX 12.1 EVO Set GPS Bike Computer + Sensor Speed, Cadence, HR
ROX 12.1 EVO Set GPS Bike Computer + Sensor Speed, Cadence, HR
ROX 12.1 EVO Set GPS Bike Computer + Sensor Speed, Cadence, HR
ROX 12.1 EVO Set GPS Bike Computer + Sensor Speed, Cadence, HR
ROX 12.1 EVO Set GPS Bike Computer + Sensor Speed, Cadence, HR
ROX 12.1 EVO Set GPS Bike Computer + Sensor Speed, Cadence, HR
ROX 12.1 EVO Set GPS Bike Computer + Sensor Speed, Cadence, HR
ROX 12.1 EVO Set GPS Bike Computer + Sensor Speed, Cadence, HR
ROX 12.1 EVO Set GPS Bike Computer + Sensor Speed, Cadence, HR
ROX 12.1 EVO Set GPS Bike Computer + Sensor Speed, Cadence, HR
ROX 12.1 EVO Set GPS Bike Computer + Sensor Speed, Cadence, HR
ROX 12.1 EVO Set GPS Bike Computer + Sensor Speed, Cadence, HR
ROX 12.1 EVO Set GPS Bike Computer + Sensor Speed, Cadence, HR

Sigma ROX 12.1 EVO Set GPS Bike Computer + Sensor Speed, Cadence, HR

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The SIGMA ROX 12.1 EVO GPS bike computer set combines modern map navigation with a professional training system for precise performance data. In addition to excellent navigation functions, numerous training features and structured workouts, SIGMA's bike computer offers a reliable connection to external sensors, which is included in the complete set.

The ROX 12.1 EVO and the three sensors make an unbeatable team for digital tracking, analysation and performance planning. Besides, they guarantee excellent connectivity. Pairing the bike computer with the wireless SIGMA DUO MAGNETLESS speed and cadence sensors and the SIGMA R1 DUO heart rate chest strap provides you with the complete data spectrum to control and optimise your performance.

Almost exactly five years after the launch of the ROX 12.0 Sport, SIGMA's first GPS bike computer, the 12 has received a fundamental update with the ROX 12.1 EVO GPS bike computer. Hardware and software inside the compact housing come with great updates regarding smart connectivity, the integration of external sensors and the performance of the bike computer.

As with the predecessor, the focus is on optimum clarity and maximum ease of use in menu navigation, data views and bike navigation. The ROX 12.1 EVO expands the SIGMA range with an easy-to-read, user-friendly bike computer with a comprehensive range of features.

The brilliant 3" touchscreen is perfectly adapted to outdoor use. The included Long Butler positions the ROX 12.1 EVO ideally in front of the handlebar. It can be mounted on 25.4 and 31.8 mm diameter handlebars in just a few steps. Whether in intense sunlight or overcast skies, the data is always easy to read on the ROX 12.1 EVO, thanks to the transflective display with intelligent backlight.

Change the display view, zoom in and out, calculate a route or re-route: Thanks to the powerful hardware, the ROX 12.1 EVO can be operated effortlessly and at lightning speed. You can do this via 5 side buttons or the touchscreen, just like you do with your smartphone. Large visual buttons and the modern, uncluttered design make operating the bike computer super easy and intuitive.

E-bike ready! The ROX 12.1 EVO can be easily paired with many e-bikes. Depending on the connected e-system, it displays specific values such as range, battery status or assistance level with gear shift recommendation. For compatible e-bike systems see https://sigmasport.com/de/e-bike-compatibility/

Whether it's over forest soil, gravel or tarmac: With its versatile map navigation functions, the 110 gram bike computer finds the best route and reliably takes you to your destination. Many OSM country maps with cycling-optimised map material are already pre-installed on the ROX 12.1 EVO.

SIGMA uses its own map display for the best possible cycling route guidance. With this, bike paths and trails are visually highlighted and always guide you to the best routes, no matter where and with what kind of bike you are travelling.

In addition to the quick check on the device, the SIGMA RIDE app for iOS and Android makes the detailed evaluation of the tours possible anywhere and at any time. As a smart companion to the ROX 12.1 EVO, views can be set even more conveniently, tracks from different platforms can be managed and transferred to the ROX 12.1 EVO. The app transfers data via BLE from the ROX 12.1 EVO to your smartphone, collects training data and lists the statistics of the last weeks, months or even years.

With over 150 features, the ROX 12.1 EVO reliably navigates for you and supports you during training or on a ride with your friends. The practical short menu shows relevant navigation functions such as back-to-start or the battery status and adapts dynamically when, for example, a sensor is paired. This way you can concentrate on your performance and the SIGMA bike computer will do the rest!
And thanks to the LIVE function, you can track and analyse your data at any time via the SIGMA RIDE app. The ROX 12.1 EVO provides you with all data reliably and in real time. Speed and distance via GPS, barometric altitude measurement and navigation via Track or komoot are part of the range of features, in addition to compatibility with e-bikes and external sensors.

• Stay connected!
Smart notifications connect your smartphone to the ROX 12.1 EVO even during the ride. A message about incoming calls, messages and emails will automatically pop up on your display. You can read short messages directly on the ROX 12.1 EVO. If you need peace and quiet while cycling, you can also turn off sounds or smart notifications.

• Safety first!
The ROX 12.1 EVO automatically detects a fall via the integrated crash alert and gives you 30 seconds to confirm that you are OK. If not, your emergency contacts will be automatically informed via the SIGMA RIDE app by SMS and your GPS data will be transmitted to them. You can also store emergency data such as blood group, name and medications on your device. These are shown on the display in an emergency.

• Super easy pairing
Sensors for measuring speed, cadence and heart rate can be easily and reliably connected via BLE. The data from the heart rate sensor or the Rotor Powermeter (incl. OCA & OCP values) can also be called up. Your ROX 12.1 EVO also supports ANT+ profiles of sensors for measuring speed, cadence and heart rate. Powermeters, electronic gear shifting, remote, radar systems and smart trainers with FE-C can thus be integrated.

• Indoor cycling
Connect the ROX 12.1 EVO to your smart roller trainer. This way you can also use the numerous features of the training computer during your indoor training. There is an additional data page for connected FE-C Smart roller trainers. Pair your ROX with a smartphone and instantly track your performance on the live screen of the SIGMA RIDE app.

• Cycling-optimised OSM maps:
Several country maps are pre-installed on the ROX 12.1 EVO. So you can start right away after unpacking the bike computer. To ensure that cyclists always find their way around easily, SIGMA's own map display was used. The maps highlight bike paths and trails and always guide you to the best route. Additional country maps and regular updates are available for free download via WiFi.

• One tour, many possibilities
Use the routing options to determine which criteria your route should fulfil. In addition, path preferences (bike paths, main roads, unpaved roads) can be set individually for each sport profile. You can choose between the recommended, the easiest and the shortest route, and the respective altitude profile is also displayed. Whether it's a simple address entry, routing to a point on the map, a "Point of Interest" (POI) or adding waypoints to an existing route – with the ROX 12.1 EVO there are no limits to bike navigation.

• Simple route planning
Tracks can be imported from portals such as Strava and komoot or as a .GPX import into the free SIGMA RIDE app. Here the tracks can be called up clearly at any time, synchronised with the ROX 12.1 EVO and started. In the Favourites menu, the most popular tracks can be saved for quick access. Regardless of your location, you can also plan your next tours directly on the ROX 12.1 EVO, save them and call them up again via the track list. The "Draw my Route" function is particularly convenient here. Those who like to be surprised can draw one or more lines on the map on the touchscreen and the ROX 12.1 EVO will create a route suggestion from this. The distance and altitude profile suit you? Then let's go!

• Intelligentes routing / re-routing
If you spontaneously deviate from the suggested route, the ROX 12.1 EVO quickly plans a new route to the destination – including recalculation of the distance to the destination, the altitude profile and the estimated time of arrival. While the home navigation always takes you home the fastest way, the back to start function takes you directly back to the starting point of the tour – even on the exact same track if you wish.
During navigation, the ROX 12.1 EVO display shows the route and turn-by-turn directions. A pop-up with an acoustic signal shows the next turn instruction. In addition, the distance to the next turn and the street name are displayed. The map can be displayed both large over the entire screen and small in the training views.

• Determine your training programme
With 6 predefined and up to 20 individually configurable sport profiles, the ROX 12.1 EVO is ready for any cycling adventure. Within each sport profile, training views, route preferences and alarms are set. The profiles can be easily created individually and adjusted on the ROX 12.1 EVO or in the SIGMA RIDE app.

• All important data at a glance
Up to 6 training views can be individually configured and the data fields can be marked with different colours. Depending on how many values (1-10) should be displayed per page, the user receives different layout suggestions. There are a total of 30 available. In addition, views for workout, navigation, FE-C Smart Trainer and laps are available on the device.

• Hydration and nutrition reminder
For optimal energy supply during training and competition, the ROX 12.1 EVO reminds you with an alert to eat or drink, e.g. at a certain time or after a certain distance. You can also add your own text to another individual notification.

• Increasing performance, comparing performance
The ROX 12.1 EVO helps you to carry out a structured training. The most important workouts are already pre-installed. More can be downloaded from portals such as TrainingPeaks via the RIDE app. Create workouts using a service of your choice and import them as a FIT file to your SIGMA ROX 12.1 EVO. With the SIGMA RIDE app, Strava Live segments can of course also be imported into the ROX 12.1 EVO.

• Optimal track overview
In the list view of the SIGMA RIDE app, all imported tracks are displayed with tour name, date, distance and elevation gain and from which source (e.g. Strava or komoot) a track originates. You can choose from various filters to sort the track list.

• All tours at a glance
All your activities are stored in the SIGMA RIDE app. All tours with route, date, distance, riding time and elevation gain are clearly listed. The last activity saved is always at the top of the timeline. The list can also be filtered by type of sport.

• Tour details
The Activity Screen shows the exact details of each tour. In addition to graphic profiles per value, e.g. for powermeter or heart rate, a heatmap shows the performance on the track. Other values are, for example, the Assist Mode (e-bike) or the altitude. This visualisation helps to collect data quickly and to make particularly striking values easily recognisable. Meta information on weather, temperature and riding experience can also be added.

• Live show!
Activities are recorded with the ROX 12.1 EVO and can be analysed immediately in the live screen of the SIGMA RIDE app. The route and the current GPS position can be displayed on the map. The distance covered, elapsed training time and uphill metres including a graphic altitude profile are also displayed.

• Statistics to increase motivation
The performance evaluation allows you to quickly and easily view and compare your progress over the past weeks, months or even years. This way, you always have your total kilometres or riding time in view and can celebrate your personal bests, such as the longest distance or fastest activity, per type of sport.

• Share successes
The SIGMA RIDE app makes it easy to share ride data with friends and teammates via social media such as komoot, Strava, TrainingPeaks, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. Users of the SIGMA RIDE app for iOS also share their routes and training values through the sharing option by integrating with Apple Health.

• GNSS receiver: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo (faster fix – up to 99 channels)
• Barometric altimeter
• Ambient light sensor (automatically adjusts the backlight)
• Accelerometer

• Text display available in 8 languages (German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Czech)
• Speed
• Speed Ø
• Speed max.
• Distance
• Training time (net)
• Training time (gross)
• SIGMA Performance Index (objective evaluation of training performance)
• Calories
• Date
• Time
• Sunrise
• Sunset
• Smart Notifications
• E-bike ready

• Current temperature
• Temperature min. / max.
• GPS accuracy
• Charge status of the device battery
• Air pressure

• Map navigation
• Track navigation
• Direction of travel
• Turning instruction
• Number of tracks on device: up to 100
• Back to the start
• Same track back
• Address input
• POI search
• Coordinate input
• Draw My Route function (quick route creation)
• Waypoints on route: up to 50
• Navigation favourites
• Time to destination
• Distance to the destination
• Arrival time

• Pre-installed sports apps: 6
• Individually adjustable sports profiles: up to 20
• Individually adjustable training pages: up to 6
• Individually adjustable number of training values per page: up to 10
• Templates for training views: 30
• Colours for highlighting training data: 8
• Workout
• Number of workouts on unit: 100
• Strava Live segments
• Crash Alert
• Alarms (food, drink, custom)
• Auto Pause
• Lap function manual or automatic (time/distance)
• Target zone training (speed, cadence, heart rate, power)

• Current altitude
• Altitude max. / min.
• Altitude uphill
• Metres downhill
• Gradient (in %)
• Altitude graph
• Rise rate
• Climb rate max.
• Descent rate max.
• Uphill gradient max.
• Downhill gradient max.
• Gradient max.

LAP FUNCTIONS (manual) / Autolap (time or distance based)
• Quantity
• Lap time
• Distance
• Speed Ø
• Speed max.
• Calories
• Altitude Ø
• Altitude max.
• Elevation gain (automatic only)
• Altitude uphill
• Altitude downhill
• Uphill gradient Ø
• Downhill gradient Ø
• Climb rate Ø
• Descent rate Ø
• Balance Ø
• Power Ø
• Power max.
• Normalized power (NP)
• Cadence Ø
• Cadence max.
• Heart rate Ø
• Heart rate max.
• Pedalling time
• Pedalling index
• Lap list

HEART RATE FUNCTIONS (requires external heart rate sensor)
• Current heart rate
• Heart rate Ø
• Heart rate min. / max.
• Maximum heart rate in %
• Average % max. heart rate
• Target zone
• Intensity zones
• Heart rate graph

CADENCE FUNCTIONS (requires external cadence sensor)
• Cadence
• Cadence Ø
• Cadence max.

POWER METER FUNCTIONS (requires external power meter)
• Balance
• Balance Ø
• Balance Ø 3 / 10 / 30 sec.
• Pedal smoothness
• Current power
• Average power
• Power max.
• Power - %FTP
• Power Ø 3 / 10 / 30 sec.
• Power – intensity factor
• Power in kilojoules (kJ)
• Power in watt / KG
• Normalized power (NP)
• Training Stress Score
• Power zones
• Power graph
• Torque effectiveness (--% / --%)
• Rotor Powermeter (OCA / OCP)

• Battery status
• Front gear (chainring)
• Gear ratio
• Rear gear
• Di2 shift mode

E-BIKE FUNCTIONS (only for compatible e-bike systems*)
• Range
• E-bike battery
• Support (watt)
• Human power vs. motor power
• Assistance level
• Gear indicator
• Lighting
• E-bike total distance
• E-bike total time

*Attention: For compatible e-bike systems see https://sigmasport.com/de/e-bike-compatibility/

• Trainer resistance
• Trainer mode
• Trainer target power

• SIGMA RIDE app (further information: https://sigmasport.com/de/product/ride-app/)
• Data format: .fit
• Share via RIDE App to Strava, komoot, TrainingPeaks, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Apple Health

Technical details:
• Housing material: plastic
• Dimensions (LxWxH): approx. 95 x 57 x 21 mm
• Holder compatibility: GPS Mount, Long Butler GPS, Overclamp Butler GPS
• GPS functionality: integrated
• Protection class: waterproof and dustproof according to IP67
• Battery: 2400 mAh (Li Ion), 3.8 V (rechargeable)
• Charging time: approx. 3 hrs (full charge), 1 hr (≈ 50 %)
• 5 side function keys (Stop, Toggle, Home/Power, Start/Lap, Toggle+)
• Touchscreen (with rain drop detection)
• Display size: 3.0"
• Resolution: 240 x 400 pixels
• Colour display: 16 million colours
• Display technology: transflective
• Backlight: permanent
• Typical battery life: up to 14 hrs (depending on personal use and environment)• Connectivity: BLE, ANT+, WiFi, USB-C
• Sensors: speed, cadence, heart rate, power meter, electronic gear shifting (eShift), Smart Trainer (FE-C), radar, remote, Rotor Powermeter (OCA/OCP)
• Weight: approx. 110 g

In the box:
• 1 SIGMA ROX 12.1 EVO bike computer
• 1 SIGMA Long Butler GPS handlebar mount
• SIGMA mounting material
• 1 SIGMA DUO MAGNETLESS SPEED sensor (ANT+, BLE, no magnet required)
• 1 SIGMA DUO MAGNETLESS CADENCE sensor (ANT+, BLE, no magnet required)
• 1 SIGMA R1 DUO heart rate sensor (ANT+, BLE) incl. chest strap
• 1 USB-C charging/data cable
• 1 quick start manual

Compatible with ANT+:
Heart rate:
Power in watts:
Smart Notifications:
OSM/vector map:
Topographic map:
Manufacturer`s ref.:
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ROX 12.1 EVO Set GPS Bike Computer + Sensor Speed, Cadence, HR

night grey
Beim Auspacken und Ersten Rumspielen war die Enttäuschung groß. Bis der Rox 12.1 Evo hochgefahren ist vergeht gefühlt eine Ewigkeit. Am unteren Rand des Displays waren ein paar grau / blaue Linien zu sehen. Ich dachte das Display ist ein wenig deplaziert unter der Glasscheibe verbaut. Nicht schön aber hinnehmbar. Beim Versuch die Starthöhe manuell einzustellen, hat die Displaytastatur fast garnicht reagiert. Das Display ist immer wieder in einen anderen Menüpunkt gewechselt, die Löschtaste hat garnicht reagiert, Zahlen haben geprellt oder er hat sie nicht genommen....da kam zum ersten Mal der Gedanke das Gerät zurückzuschicken. Nach ein paar Stunden erneuter Versuch, jetzt ging es besser. Nicht wie beim Iphone aber es ging. Navigieren bei der ersten Ausfahrt war super, ich hatte richtig Spaß. Bei der zweiten Ausfahrt fiel mir auf, daß der untere linke Bedienknopf nicht mehr reagiert. Hatte sich wohl verklemmt. Mist, muß ich reklamieren. Einen Tag später hat er dann wieder funktioniert, muß sich irgenwie wieder gelöst haben. Toll dachte ich, das ist deutsche Qualität, das Ding ist selbstheilend. Bei der dritten Ausfahrt zeigte sich dannn plötzlich ein Fehler im Display..............

ROX 12.1 EVO Set GPS Bike Computer + Sensor Speed, Cadence, HR

Bin mit dem ROX 12.1 EVO sehr zufrieden. Montage, Bedienung und Konfiguration des Geräts sind durchdacht und funktionieren auf Anhieb. Ein Stern Abzug gibt es für die fehlende Möglichkeit fit Files für die Workouts bearbeiten zu können.

ROX 12.1 EVO Set GPS Bike Computer + Sensor Speed, Cadence, HR

Die Bedienung und die Navigation gefallen mir gut. Was ich weniger gut finde ist, dass die ein Teil der Bedienmöglichkeiten und Einstellungen nun in die Sigma Ride App auf das Handy verlagert wurden. Das war beim Vorgänger nicht der Fall und hat mir persönlich eher zugesagt.

ROX 12.1 EVO Set GPS Bike Computer + Sensor Speed, Cadence, HR

night grey
Bei nassen Witterungsbedingungen ist der ROX 12.1 EVO unbrauchbar. Div. Ansichten wechseln zittrig in irrem Tempo, wobei das Gerät aberwitzige "Morsecodes" absetzt. Das Ganze nimmt auch noch stundenlang seinen Fortgang, nachdem sich der ROX im Trockenen befindet. Bedienung per Touchscreen oder Tasten ist unmöglich. So besteht auch keine Chance, dem Treiben durch Abschalten ein Ende zu setzen.

Sigma empfiehlt auf Nachfrage, die Displaysperre zu aktivieren - jedoch: s. o. ...

Den einen Stern gibt es für die Nutzung unter trockenen Bedingungen. Aber mein "Revier" gehört nun ’mal zu den regenreichsten Regionen Deutschlands.

ROX 12.1 EVO Set GPS Bike Computer + Sensor Speed, Cadence, HR

night grey
Bin insgesamt sehr zufrieden mit dem Gerät. Einfache Bedienung und gute Navigation.

Ich habe das Rox 12.1 Evo Set bestellt. Dabei waren: ein Basic Mount, eine Aerohalterung, Speed und Cadence-Sensor, Herzfrequenzsensor mit Brustgurt, USB-C Kabel zum laden und ein Fixierband, damit das Gerät nicht so schnell geklaut wird oder bei wilder Fahrt verloren geht.
Trainingsansichten lassen sich sehr übersichtlich in der Sigma Ride App festlegen und neuerdings gegenüber dem Vorgängermodell verschieden farblich hinterlegen. Die Leserlichkeit und Übersichtlichkeit hat sich zum Vorgänger Rox 12.0 stark verbessert. Gleiches gilt für die Kartenfunktion, Optische Abbiegehinweise sind bei der Navigation schön groß erkennbar in Kombi mit einstellbarem Signalton.

Die Connection zwischen meiner Komoot-App, Sigma-Ride App und dem Rox macht nochmal alles richtig rund und super einfach, eine geplante Tour zu übertragen. Ich kann auch mal eben zwischendurch in der Sigma Ride App die Cafés in der Nähe anzeigen lassen und die Route dorthin fix auf meinen Rox übertragen (search&go-Funktion). Gleiches geht aber auch problemlos über den Rox direkt in der Navigation/Point-of-Interest Funktion. Sehr praktisch