Bikepacking Guide

Do you like the idea of endless freedom? Do you get you immersed in the many, inspiring stories of enthusiasts sharing their biking experiences? Then it's time for you to set off on your own adventures!  

What is bikepacking?

Simply put, bikepacking is nothing more than camping with your bike, only more multifaceted. Bikepacking describes a unique type of adventure on two wheels, preferably with an off-roading bike, so you don't have to limit your route options.  

What’s bikepacking all about?

You and your bike get to enjoy endless freedom on your journey together and go off the beaten track. This kind of exploration gives you the opportunity to discover the world through different eyes and, if you like, to fully immerse yourself in nature and become one with it. In contrast to Touring, the focus is clearly on massive riding fun and the biking itself. To fully enjoy the performance of your bike, reduce your luggage to a minimum.

What’s the difference between bikepacking and touring?

Bikepacking and touring are two different concepts, but you don't necessarily have to separate them. Basically – you decide what you want to experience, what you need, how long and on what type of bike you want to be on. The beauty of it is that nobody is telling you to follow strict guidelines. You can combine and adapt the variety of possibilities to your personal tour preferences!


Anyone planning a classic cycle tour is not just on the road for two days, but travels through countries, cities and towns over a much longer period of time. Usually then you’re on a classic touring bike and less focused on the wilderness and unpaved paths, riding mainly on roads. You get the chance to pack your bike as full as it can get – you'll be carrying a small household with you, so to speak. Classic touring equipment consists of six bags, which you usually attach to the luggage carrier, lowrider and handlebars using rigid attachment systems.


Bikepacking is more about riding on unpaved forest, meadow and gravel paths, and sometimes travelling down a trail or two – pure adventure and action! You’ll want to go first and foremost into nature on your bikepacking trip. Usually your trip is limited to a few days or a classic overnight trip. Maybe you’ll sleep in a tent or in the open. But let’s be honest: If that's a bit too much for you, then start by staying in guesthouses or small inns along your route.  

Which bike is suitable for bikepacking?

Since bikepacking is all about going off-road a lot, an off-road capable bike is the perfect choice. Basically – you decide which bike fits to your idea of bikepacking. Whether gravel bike or mountain bike – both bike types offer great characteristics and are ideal for your next adventure. To find the right bikepacking bike for your needs, you should ask yourself two questions: 1. What surface do I want to ride on? and 2. Do I want suspension on my bike?

What surface do I want to ride on?

When choosing the terrain, you are also deciding what type tyre you will need. No part of your gravel bike is as critical to your riding experience as the right tyre. Rule of thumb: The wider the tyre, the more rough terrain, mud and trails it can handle, but the greater the rolling resistance on asphalt roads.

Do I want suspension on my bike?

If you want to ride exclusively over really rough terrain and on adventurous trails, then an MTB with suspension and plenty of comfort is the right choice for you. Think about the trails you will take – if they’re rather varied and include everything from asphalt roads and rough terrain to gravel roads, then you will feel more at home on a gravel bike.

The BACKROAD: More long distance. More off-road. More adventure.

The BACKROAD is the perfect adventure bike, not only because of its gravel-specific geometry, plenty of flex on the saddle and a wide tyre clearance. Moreover, it has several attachment points to offer the ultimate versatility on a bikepacking tour. On the BACKROAD you will find various attachment points on the frame, fork and crankset to transport your lightest luggage in bike bags. This way you can pack your gravel bike according to your individual needs. Basically – as little as possible, as much as necessary. And the most important thing: Bring along a sense of adventure! 

Which bags do I need?

Your bikepacking equipment consists of a frame bag, handlebar bag and saddle bag. When choosing the right bike bag, make sure that it is waterproof so that your luggage stays dry even in the rain.

Here you will find a selection of frame packs, handlebar packs and seat packs from various manufacturers:

What are the bikepacking must-haves?

What are you waiting for?

We all long for a little time out to unwind and keep our bodies and minds fit and healthy. Whether you just want to escape your everyday life or see more of the world – you decide. Choose where and with whom. Now is the right time. What are you waiting for?


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