Bikepacking at its best

Equip yourself for your next adventure

No adventure is too big for you!

What do we associate with bikepacking? Endless freedom, independence & awesome experiences – preferably somewhere in the middle of nowhere! Every epic bikepacking adventure starts with your need for distance, thrills and a desire to have a good time on your bike. Collect unique experiences, step out of your comfort zone & explore less travelled places with your trusty two-wheel companion. Where will the next great adventure take you?


Many attachment points

for ultimate versatility

Many ROSE bikes offer lots of versatility with multiple attachment points for bottle cages, Anything Cages or bags - perfect for your next epic bikepacking adventure! Tip: Pack your gear on your bike as compactly and lightly as possible & make sure the weight is distributed centrally on the frame.

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Bikepacking at its best

Whether planned down to the last detail or spontaneous – all you need for bikepacking is the right equipment and your personal luggage. Put the bags on and go! If not now, when?

Handlebar Bags

Wallet, keys, passport, smartphone, bicycle map, or a small bottle - everything that you need access to on your bike while travelling, well-stored in a practical handlebar bag. A must-have for every bike rider!

Top Tube Bags

Small parts and tools for repairs can be well-stored in a frame bag, especially when you want to a avoid a rear rack. Frame bags exist in as many different forms as there are frames, so that you can find the right bag for any frame. There is nothing standing in the way of your next daytrip with your gravel bike - so go on that adventure!

Rear Rack & Side Bags

Just the sight of them will get you going - pannier bags are for a must-have for anyone planning a trip with their bike. They offer great storage capacity and maximum protection against bad weather conditions. And when they are not holding your travel gear, they are also well suited for your trip to the nearest supermarket. We absolutely recommend this purchase!

Saddle & Seatpost Bags

You can squirrel away lots of transportation options on your bike. A saddle bag is attached directly under the saddle – we call it the small, flexible bicycle pannier. Depending on the size, it offers you storage space for small essentials such as a mini-tool and spare tube, or additional space for transporting your luggage on a bikepacking tour.