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Kiox E-Bike Retrofit Kit Anthracite
Kiox E-Bike Retrofit Kit Anthracite
Kiox E-Bike Retrofit Kit Anthracite
Kiox E-Bike Retrofit Kit Anthracite
Kiox E-Bike Retrofit Kit Anthracite
Kiox E-Bike Retrofit Kit Anthracite
Kiox E-Bike Retrofit Kit Anthracite
Kiox E-Bike Retrofit Kit Anthracite
Kiox E-Bike Retrofit Kit Anthracite
Kiox E-Bike Retrofit Kit Anthracite
Kiox E-Bike Retrofit Kit Anthracite
Kiox E-Bike Retrofit Kit Anthracite
Kiox E-Bike Retrofit Kit Anthracite
Kiox E-Bike Retrofit Kit Anthracite
Kiox E-Bike Retrofit Kit Anthracite
Kiox E-Bike Retrofit Kit Anthracite
Kiox E-Bike Retrofit Kit Anthracite
Kiox E-Bike Retrofit Kit Anthracite

Bosch Kiox E-Bike Retrofit Kit Anthracite

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Small, robust and connected: The Bosch Kiox on-board computer offers you all the functions you need as a sporty, ambitious e-biker and opens up access to the digital world via the eBike Connect smartphone app. The scratchproof colour display shows your route and ride data and thanks to a separate handlebar remote, you will always have full control over your bike.

To also give you access to your achievements, routes and tour data when you are at home, Kiox tracks all your rides and transfers all important data to your smartphone via Bluetooth, as well as to the online portal eBike Connect. Plan tours on your PC, tablet or smartphone and transfer them to the Kiox to follow the track navigation on the display. By connecting your Kiox with Komoot or Outdooractive, you can discover many more routes nearby.

In order to help you achieve your goals, you will not only have access to your ride data including route, speed and time, but also to fitness data such as calories burned as well as performance and cadence data. If you already have a compatible heart rate sensor, you can also track your heart rate data on your customised display. This makes the Kiox the perfect companion for all your tours. The Bosch Kiox retrofit kit is compatible with all Bosch product series from model year 2014.


Always on the right track: The Kiox navigation function supports you as you explore unfamiliar areas. Navigation is started using your smartphone. The on-board computer is connected with your phone via Bluetooth and displays the planned tour on the screen as a line that shows you the route.

When the journey is the destination: The navigation function of the on-board computer is perfectly tailored to the needs of sporty e-bikers. The view on the display rotates in the direction of movement while riding, and Kiox also shows the distance to the destination. This makes it very easy to navigate tracks.

Planning your own tour is easy: You simply plan your routes using the eBike Connect app or online portal and send them to Kiox via the app. If your Kiox is connected with komoot or Outdooractive, you can discover even more routes nearby.

For a personal riding experience: Screens and the choice of ride data to be displayed can be easily configured on Kiox and thus adapted to your own preferences – so that you can fully concentrate on biking.

The link to the connected eBike world of Bosch: Kiox tracks all important ride data and transfers them to the eBike Connect App via Bluetooth. After the ride, all activities can be evaluated in the app or online portal.

All information on hand: The data is automatically synchronised between your Kiox and the app via Bluetooth. You can also download software updates to the on-board computer comfortably and wirelessly.

For your daily workout: The on-board computer provides all important training data in real time and shows the rider's cadence, calories burned and personal performance. This makes it easier to set and achieve fitness goals.

Greater efficiency: Your Kiox connects to a compatible heart rate monitor via Bluetooth. This allows you to check the current heart rate zone at any time and thus get the most out of your training.

Boost your fitness with Kiox: The on-board computer notifies you whether you are currently going above or below your personal average speed. This motivates you to push even harder. After your ride, you can share all recorded fitness data with Strava, giving you a perfect overview of your training.

All data at a glance: The compact and handy display makes for a clean handlebar and a minimalist look. The screen is optimised for best readability using bright colours and a clear user interface.

Perfect for sporty riding: Stowed away quickly yet still securely mounted – thanks to a magnetic mount, you can remove and attach the on-board computer with ease. In addition, Kiox has a small eyelet on the bottom edge that can be used to attach a strap.

Whether you are dealing with dirt or falling rocks: The display made of scratchproof glass is a robust partner for off-road and city rides.

Keeping everything under control: The buttons of the separate control unit allow you to comfortably operate the on-board computer using your thumb while providing clear, tactile feedback.

• On-board computer retrofit kit for Bosch e-bike systems
• Controlled using the supplied Remote Compact control unit
• Transmissive colour display made of break-proof glass
• Push-assist button on control unit to get assistance while pushing the e-bike
• Two buttons for On/Off and Light directly on the display
• Ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the backlight of the display
• Integrated battery provides power for approx. 20 minutes in off-road mode; in on-board mode, it is charged via the e-bike battery
• Protected against road splash and short submersion
• Micro AB-USB port for e-bike system diagnostics by the specialist dealer as well as for charging the Kiox battery and external devices, e.g. compatible smartphones
• All activities and activity details are displayed in the eBike Connect smartphone app
• Bosch Lock bicycle anti-theft protection when the display is removed (paid premium function)

Technical details:
• Display size: 1.9”, 208 × 274 pixels, 29 × 39 mm active area
• Touchscreen: no
• Installation: Ahead stem (using the supplied display holder)
• Battery: built-in lithium-ion battery (3.7 V; 230 mAh)
• Interfaces: Micro USB
• Riding modes: 5 (see below for details and restrictions)
• Ride data: yes
• Gear change recommendation indicator: no
• Navigation: Track display*
• Map display: no
• GPS: no (location via smartphone)
• Activity tracking: yes*
• Fitness tracking: yes*
• Digital third-party services: yes*
• Push assistance: yes
• DualBattery compatible: yes
• Bosch Lock compatible: yes (paid premium function)
• Compatible with Bosch eShift: yes
• Compatible with Bosch eBike ABS: yes
• Compatible with Bosch eSuspension: yes
• Radio protocol: Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy (e.g. for heart rate monitor devices)
• Waterproof rating: IPX7 (protected against road splash and short submersion)
• Temperature range: -5 °C to +40 °C (operation) and +10 °C to +40 °C (storage)
• Charging current via USB port: max. 1000 mA
• Charging current via USB port: 5V
• Software updates: via app*
• App compatibility: Android from version 5.1, iOs from version 10
• Weight: approx. 160 g (display only approx. 60 g)

*Only in conjunction with a smartphone connected via Bluetooth and the eBike Connect app. GPS must be activated on the smartphone for track navigation.

Bosch product series compatibility:
• 2nd Generation: Active Line (BDU2XX); Performance Line/Speed (BDU2XX); Performance Line CX (BDU2XX)
• 3rd Generation: Active Line (BDU3XX); Active Line Plus (BDU3XX); Performance Line (BDU3XX)
• 4th Generation: Performance Line CX (BDU4XX); Performance Line Speed (BDU4XX); Cargo Line/Speed (BDU4XX)

Riding modes:
• Off: No assistance, all display functions available
• Eco: Low assistance at maximum efficiency for maximum range.
• Tour**: Constant assistance for long distances.
• Tour+**: Stepless assistance for a natural riding feel and energy-saving riding for sporty e-bikers.
• Sport/eMTB*: Powerful assistance for universal use, both for sporty riding and for commuting in city traffic.
• Turbo: Direct, maximum assistance for high cadence, for sporty riding.

*Progressive support for a natural riding feel and optimal control in demanding terrain.
**The Tour+ mode is available for e-bikes with Drive Unit Performance Line CX with derailleur gears (from model year 2020) and e-MTB mode and replaces the Tour mode.

In the box:
• 1 Bosch Kiox display BUI330
• 1 Bosch Compact control unit, 290 mm wire
• 1 Bosch display holder
• 1 Bosch adapter plate incl. magnets
• 1 Bosch Drive Unit wire 1500 mm
• 1 manual and installation instructions

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