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Headbands – A Must-Have Accessory for Summer and Winter

Classic terry headbands for the gym have had their day – nowadays, headbands made of high-quality fabrics ensure maximum performance during sports. A headband is not just a beautiful hair accessory but also an important part of your sports gear and provides fast moisture wicking in summer and good insulation in winter.

We stock a wide range of women’s and men’s headbands for summer and winter by renowned brands like BUFF, P.A.C., CRAFT, Löffler, GORE WEAR and others. Shop one of the popular headbands for your next tour now!

Summer Headbands

Especially for use on warm or hot days, some manufacturers have developed special summer headbands with special designs and materials that are perfect for summer.

The primary function of a summer headband is optimal moisture management and high breathability. The aim is to stop sweat from running down your forehead or face. Headbands are often slim-fitting and don’t cover the ears to perfectly wick away moisture and reduce heat development in contrast to a hat or a terry headband.

Headbands made from light mesh material that wicks moisture away to the outside while being extremely light and thin are also a great choice for summer.

Some manufacturers additionally offer headbands that protect from harmful UV rays thanks to a tight weave.

Why You Should Wear a Headband in Summer:

• Moisture management

• Breathability

• UV protection

• Sweat won’t run down your face

Winter Headbands

Those who don’t want to do without outdoor sports in winter should definitely have a headband. As most of your body heat is lost through your head, it’s important to protect this sensitive part of your body on cold days. Wide headbands are cut to cover the ears and to keep your head and ears comfortably warm.

In contrast to a hat, a headband doesn’t cover the entire but single parts of it. Many riders find that very pleasant.

The manufacturers of winter headbands primarily use warm materials to protect the ears and forehead from cold and wind. Therefore, most manufacturers use breathable, insulating materials like fleece. For even better protection from cold draughts, some headbands feature a GORE WINDSTOPPER membrane that blocks wind without affecting moisture management.

For rides in dusk and darkness, there are special hi-vis (short for high visibility) headbands that provide improved visibility in road traffic thanks to eye-catching neon colours and reflective elements.

Why You Should Wear a Headband in Winter:

• Keeps you pleasantly warm

• Protection from wind

• Protection against cold

• Breathable

• Improved visibility (when wearing hi-vis headbands or headbands with reflective elements)

These tips should help you find the right headband for your needs with ease. In case of any questions, please feel free to contact our experts who will be happy to help.

We stock a wide range of summer and winter headbands for women and men in all common colours and price ranges by renowned brands like BUFF, P.A.C., CRAFT, Löffler, GORE WEAR and many more. Shop one of the popular headbands for your next tour at ROSE Bikes!