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Windproof Cycling Jackets and Windbreakers – Well Protected on Stormy Days

A good windproof cycling jacket is an essential part of a cyclist's kit – no matter if you are a newcomer or a pro. It protects you from wind and is always at hand when it's getting cold outside. You can choose between close-fitting windbreaker jackets that reduce drag and windproof jackets for mountain biking, touring and daily commutes. In our buyer's guide, we'll point out what to pay attention to when buying a new jacket.

We stock a huge range of women's and men's windbreaker jackets with windproof membrane in all common sizes, colours and price ranges by popular brands like ROSE, assos, CASTELLI, CRAFT, GORE WEAR, sportful, VAUDE, SHIMANO and more.

What is a windbreaker jacket?

A windbreaker jacket is characterised by a windproof membrane. A membrane is a microporous protective layer inside the fabric with microscopically small perforations that stop wind from passing through the material, while allowing water vapour from sweat pass to the outside. Therefore, a windproof cycling jacket perfectly protects from draughts while being very breathable. A popular windproof membrane for cycling jackets is, for instance, GORE WINDSTOPPER.

Despite their windproof membrane though, windbreaker jackets don't offer good protection from constant rain. Even though a windproof membrane is water-resistant and thus repels small amounts of rain and spray, it won't protect you in increasingly heavy rain. A water-repellent surface treatment may help the jacket to stop light rain from passing through the material. So, please keep in mind that a windbreaker jacket offers excellent protection from wind, yet not from rain.

Which windbreaker to choose for road cycling?

Windproof road bike jackets come in a close women's or men's specific fit. Thus, they reduce drag to help you achieve best aerodynamics. Thanks to a windproof membrane and a windproof fabric, these jackets offer protection from draughts when dashing downhill. Packable windshields are also perfect for road cyclists and will be presented in detail below. They can be packed into your jersey pocket as emergency jacket, so that you can put them on when you start to feel cold on your tour. You are looking for more cycling jackets for road cycling? Then have a look at our Road Bike Jackets!

Windproof jackets for your MTB tours

When riding down fast you might get cold due to the wind – that's exactly what a windbreaker jacket is made for! A windproof cycling jacket protects you from draughts when riding your mountain bike, especially on stormy days or during short breaks. In contrast to windproof road bike jackets, MTB-specific windbreakers are often loose-fitting and sometimes feature zips under the armpits for additional ventilation, as well as elastic panels for improved mobility in the saddle. You are looking for a jacket that is made for mountain biking? Have a look at our MTB Jackets!

Windbreaker jackets with zip-off sleeves

It's too warm for a jacket, but too cold for a gilet? This is where convertible windbreakers come into play! These windproof jackets have zips on the upper sleeves, allowing you to remove the extended sleeves at any time. What remains is a windproof gilet or, depending on the model, a windproof short sleeve jersey. A clever solution for all those who want to stay flexible and often ride in changing weather. In our range you are sure to find the right convertible jacket or zip-off jacket – please check the product description for information on the zip-off feature.

Packable – Flexible windshield jackets with a small pack size

Those who like to conquer the mountains on their bike highly appreciate an ultra-lightweight windbreaker jacket that packs down small enough to stuff in their jersey pocket. Thus, they can take it out and put it on when they are getting cold – and fold it back into the pocket when temperatures are rising. Therefore, a lightweight windbreaker jacket with a small pack size and a low weight is a must-have for maximum flexibility. Most jackets for wind protection are packable. Please see the product description for a corresponding note.

Windbreaker jackets for winter

As you probably know from your experience, riding through the wind in winter is not pleasant at all. That's why those who don't want to do without outdoor activities during the cold months of the year should buy a proper winter jacket to keep themselves warm. A windproof cycling jacket is a good choice for days with cold winds. However, not all windbreakers are suitable for use in winter. Therefore, it makes sense to choose a jacket that not only features a windproof membrane, but also comes with a warm lining made of fleece or an insulated filling consisting of down or synthetic fibres. For a wider choice of winter jackets see here.

We hope our buyer's guide helps you find the right windbreaker jacket for your needs. If you are still not sure which jacket to choose, please feel free to contact us. Our experts will be happy to help you.

We stock a huge range of women's and men's windbreaker jackets with windproof membrane in all common sizes, colours and price ranges by popular brands like ROSE, assos, CASTELLI, CRAFT, GORE WEAR, sportful, VAUDE, SHIMANO and more.