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Armour Tubeless Puncture Protection Insert for 29“ MTB Tyres

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Armour Tubeless Puncture Protection Insert for 29“ MTB Tyres


Tuotenumero: 230816001

52,00 €

Hinta sis. ALV plus 9,95 € (toimituksesta maahan Suomi)


Toimitusaika 4 - 8 työpäivää


The Tannus Armour tubeless tyre insert improves the performance of your tubeless set-up from puncture protection to more comfort.
The lightweight foam inlay is simply inserted into the tyre and requires hardly more installation effort than an inner tube. The flexible wings stabilise the tyre bead so that a compressor is usually no longer needed for inflation. Central recesses ensure that the sealant reaches the inner wall of the tyre, where it protects against air loss caused by punctures.
In rough terrain, the tubeless tyre inserts show what they are made for. In case of punctures, the special Aither polymer foam acts like a buffer to prevent snakebites in the sidewall and damages to the rim. The flexible wings stabilise the fit of the tyre in the rim bed so that low air pressure does not lead to tyre drops or the dreaded "burping" even during fast cornering. In addition, the special foam dampens vibrations on the trail and noticeably reduces rolling resistance. The special material ensures a smoother and even a little faster ride over roots and obstacles.
Even if you run out of air for once, this will be no problem: With the Armour Tubeless puncture protection insert, you can ride on at low speed for a limited period – which will spare you pushing your bike on the last metres.

• Tubeless insert for 29“ mountain bike tyres
• Improves protection against punctures, snakebites and dented rims
• Increases lateral stability and protects against tyre drops and burping
• Special polymer foam with shock- and vibration-absorbing effect
• Reduces rolling resistance
• Does not absorb sealant
• Lightweight and reusable
• Good run-flat properties in case of a puncture
• Easy to mount

• Material: polymer foam
• Material thickness: centre approx. 14 mm, side wings approx. 4 mm
• Compatible tyre sizes: 29“ x 2.10“ – 2.60“ / 53-622 – 65-622
• Recommended inner rim width: 23 mm – 35 mm
• Weight: approx. 160 g

In the box:
• 1 Tannus Armour Tubeless puncture protection insert 29“

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