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cinq5 The Plug III USB charger

The USB port on your bike. The charge adapter impresses with an easy installation and a compact design. The adapter simply replaces the headset cap. T...

Väri: schwarz

normaalihinta 159,00 € 130,20 

Herrmans handlebar light mount

Quickly mount your front light directly on the stem with the Herrmans handlebar light mount. Also suitable for e-bikes with Bosch Nyon/Intuvia or Shim...

Väri: schwarz


Thule Delight rear light

The StVZO compliant rear light by Thule offers additional visibility in road traffic. Thanks to a clever fixing clip, the bicycle tail light is easy t...

Väri: red

OVH 19,95 € 17,66 

B + M USB cable for E-Werk

Original USB cable for the Busch and Müller E-Werk 361 (item no. 1422467). · 120 mm with USB socket and plug with screw cap · No. 7 from the E-Werk m...


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B + M 3,5mm plug with micro USB plug for E-Werk

Original 3,5mm plug with micro USB plug for the Busch and Müller E-Werk 361 (item no. 1422467). · 400 mm length · no. 16 from the manual · manufacture...


B + M dynamo cable for E-Werk

Original dynamo cable for the Busch and Müller E-Werk 361 (item no. 1422467). · 800 mm length · socket 3,5 x 1,35mm screw cap and cable ends · no. 5...


keine Marke Bulb with Plug Base (for dynamo operation)

· for halogen front light with plug socket · also suitable for the battery lights Sigma Cubelight and Cubelight II, Trelock LS 500 and Security Plus...

normaalihinta 3,90 € 2,60 

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keine Marke Cable lug female

Guarantees a safe connection so that you won’t be left standing in the dark. · 5 pieces


B + M glareshield for Ixon headlights

Attaches to the front area of the Ixon headlight. The flexible plastic guard prevents a self-dazzling effect for the rider. · fits B + M front lights...

Väri: schwarz

normaalihinta 5,90 € 5,11 

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keine Marke Heat-shrink tubing

Protects cable connections from dirt, water etc. and gives additional hold. Simply put it over the connection and heat with a flame. · 5 pieces, 2 cm...


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keine Marke Cable lug male

The counterpart of item no. 583058 for your safety. · 5 pieces


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Sigma RTU AA rechargeable batteries

· RTU (ready to use) means that the batteries are factory charged and immediately ready to use · Ni-MH battery 2100 mAh · type AA Mignon, 4 pieces

normaalihinta 13,45 € 10,37 

B + M 3,5 plug with USB plug for E-Werk

Original 3,5mm plug with mini USB plug for the Busch and Müller E-Werk 361 (item no. 1422467). · 400 mm length · no. 15 from the manual · manufacturer...


B + M Edelstahl-Lampenhalter (B-Ware)

Bitte beachte, dass dieser Artikel als B-Ware angeboten wird. B-Ware kann Gebrauchsspuren oder andere optische Mängel aufweisen, wurde jedoch überprüf...

Väri: silber

OVH 2,90 € 1,34 

MonkeyLink ML-1 MonkeyStrap double headed cable tie

The MonkeyStrap ML-1 double headed cable tie by MonkeyLink allows you to neatly fix annoying brake and gear cables as well as power cords at the cockp...

Väri: schwarz


cinq5 expander for The Plug

The expander replaces the standard steel clamp in the steerer tube when using the The Plug III, item no. 2220972. The integrated cable guide allows an...


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SON cable lug connector female

Original SON cable lug to connect a light cable to the SON hub dynamo. · 5 pieces


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B + M Dymotec roller

· with rubber coating · suitable for Dymotec 6, S6 and S12 dynamo

Väri: schwarz

OVH 3,90 € 3,02 

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B + M cable guide

Front light and holder made of stainless steel - both look very elegant. A perfect design, if only there would be no cables! The solution is a cable g...

normaalihinta 1,98 € 1,72 

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keine Marke Replacement bulb

· for front lights, if no rear light is plugged in at the same time · halogen bulb with plug base · 3 W/6 V


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