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B + M IXXI diode back light

Very small and compact diode back light which weighs only about 35 g and comes with an integrated lithium-ion battery that can be charged via a micro...

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Sigma MONO RL LED rear light

- Visibility epitomised - Thanks to its design and a bracket, the MONO RL rear light can be attached to a bike or a helmet. · 0,5 W high power LED ·...

Väri: schwarz

normaalihinta 24,95 € 15,58 

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B + M Toplight 2C permanent USB tail light

Permanently visible – the name of the USB taillight B+M Toplight 2C permanent says it all. It is called 2C [to see] – and this is exactly the requirem...

OVH 24,90 € 21,78 

Knog Blinder MOB LED tail light

The Knog Blinder MOB back light is just the right thing for style conscious riders. With 8 lumens and the built-in reflector, you will be seen easily...

Väri: schwarz/rot

OVH 49,90 € 38,50 

Cateye Rapid X2G Kinetic battery-powered tail light with brake light

Stop seeing a tail light as a required position light for the dark only. The slim Cateye Kinetic brings riding safety to a new level, thanks to a buil...

OVH 49,95 € 38,45 

B + M IXBACK Senso USB tail light

It is not only the excellent 270° visibility of the powerful IXBACK Senso USB LED tail light that makes you feel good when riding in the dark. The Lin...

OVH 29,90 € 19,75 

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Garmin Varia RTL 511 Radar Tail Light

See and be seen, day or night – that’s what the bright Varia Radar tail light is made for. And to make sure you can fully concentrate on your ride and...

OVH 199,99 € 186,47 

Litecco G-Ray battery rear light with brake light

Click in, switch on and ride off. The G-Ray USB rear light by Litecco with brake light function promises more safety. Intelligent sensor technology re...

Väri: schwarz

normaalihinta 39,95 € 36,42 

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B + M Toplight Flat S permanent battery back light

The super flat LED back light Toplight Flat now also features the LineTec back light technology: the light of a high-performance LED in a special lens...

normaalihinta 22,90 € 13,49 

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Sigma Cuberider II diode rear light

Tried and tested 220° viewing angle radiation increases safety factor. · Quick, tool-free mounting · 5 high-performance LEDs · Extremely long burning...

Väri: schwarz

normaalihinta 15,95 € 10,37 

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Cateye Rapid Micro G TL-LD620G rear light

The small Rapid Micro G taillight can be installed vertically or horizontally. The included micro USB charging cable allows you to quickly and comfort...

OVH 22,95 € 16,57 

Litecco Cando battery-powered USB rear light with dual LED

It's incredible how powerful the Cando USB rear light by Litecco is, given that it is only as big as a match. Thanks to this compact size, it easily f...

Väri: schwarz


Sigma Nugget II USB battery-powered rear light

The beautiful Sigma Nugget II LED tail light comes in a stylish design. As it comes with the same proven technologies as Sigma's predecessor model of...

Väri: schwarz

OVH 12,95 € 8,28 

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B + M 4DToplight permanent battery back light

Two additional, super bright diodes have been integrated on the left and on the right in the 4DToplight series. These diodes support the central LEDs...

normaalihinta 24,90 € 11,36 

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Smart Light Bar 28 battery-powered rear light

28 COB LEDs arranged next to each other turn the Light Bar 28 into one of the most powerful taillights available on the market. 20 lumens and a beam a...

normaalihinta 18,90 € 11,36 

Cateye Loop 2G battery-powered rear light

The round Cateye Loop 2G tail light impresses with a compact size. The brightly shining light has a diameter of only three centimetres and thus belong...

OVH 18,95 € 13,49 

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B + M Toplight Line senso battery-powered rear light

Slim, flat and bright. The interesting thing about this tail light is the fact that it spreads the light of two LEDs to form a homogeneous beam of lig...

normaalihinta 39,90 € 22,82 

AXA Greenline 1 USB LED rear light -2017-

Your powerful reinsurance for dark nights. With the AXA Greenline 1 LED rear light you will be visible from a distance of up to 300 metres. Once charg...

Väri: schwarz

OVH 13,95 € 9,27 

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B + M Toplight Flat permanent back light

The Toplight permanent is equipped with a super bright, red LED and an integrated reflector. This battery-operated rear light can be mounted on rear r...

normaalihinta 19,90 € 12,45 

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Smart RL-403RG battery tail light

The Smart RL-403RG battery tail light provides safety in road traffic. It features a high-power LED with a light-spreading prism system that ensures t...


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