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Thule Side Frames bag support for Pack 'n Pedal Tour Rack

The Thule Side Frames allow even large pack bags to be attached to the Pack`n Pedal Tour Rack. The mounting struts can be mounted at two different hei...

normaalihinta 29,95 € 22,82 

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Racktime Snap-it adapter

The Snap-it adapter is the core of all Racktime functional components. It fixes baskets, bags and other containers (even if the brand is not Racktime)...

OVH 19,95 € 14,54 

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Racktime Secure-it Snap-it lock

The SecureIt SnapIt by racktime coverts your standard Snapit adapter into a lockable one and thus protects from theft. Details: • Secure-It lock by R...

OVH 14,95 € 10,37 

M-Wave RACKY seat post clamp with rack mount

Where to put all the luggage when the bike doesn't come with a pannier rack? The RACKY seat post clamp with rack mount by M-Wave is a simple solution...

Väri: schwarz

normaalihinta 8,90 € 8,23 

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Tubus quick-release adapter

Set of stainless steel adapter plates with rear quick-release axle and fixing material for mounting racks on frames without mounting eyelets. · Max. l...

normaalihinta 26,90 € 21,83 

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Tubus clamp pair for seat struts attachment

Clamp adapter made of stainless steel for mounting carriers on frames without fixing eyelets at the rear stay struts. · 1 pair · available in 14, 16,...

Väri: silber

normaalihinta 9,90 € 6,15 

Tubus attachment set for lowriders

For attaching lowriders to rigid forks without additional braze-on parts at the upper fork tubes (upper fixing point). · Not suitable for use on carbo...

normaalihinta 12,90 € alkaen9,27 

Racktime Protective tubes for rear racks

When using pannier bags regularly, there will soon be scratches in the coating of your rear rack. The racktime abrasion protection kit with protective...

Väri: schwarz

normaalihinta 9,95 € 7,24 

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In case you need a bit more luggage than usual. Topeak’s MTX Dual Side Frame system is compatible with all Beam Racks and all MTX Tour bags. The robus...

Väri: silber

normaalihinta 29,13 € 20,74 

Tubus Extension adapter kit for rear racks

This dropout extension adapter kit allows you to extend the distance between your compatible Tubus rear rack or your panniers and your heels to avoid...

normaalihinta 16,90 € 13,44 

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Racktime Clip-It bag support

Side support for the racktime Clip-It seatpost rack (product code: 2192448). The side frames keep your bike bags away from the spokes of your wheel....

normaalihinta 15,90 € 15,58 

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Thule Pack’n Pedal Rail Extender Kit

With the Pack’n Pedal Rail Extender Kit, you can easily extend the rails of the Pack’n Pedal Tour Rack (e.g. item no. 2255893). In this way, you will...

Väri: silber

normaalihinta 9,95 € 8,28 

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ROSE Installation kit for pannier racks

This ROSE installation kit helps you fit a pannier rack to your bike. The set includes 4 M5 bolts, 4 washers and 4 self-locking M5 nuts each - all mad...


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Tubus carrier fixing struts

Material: aluminium, shape: round (Ø 8 mm), with hole Ø suitable for M5 screws. · 1 pair · available in length 240 mm € 5,- or length 350 mm € 7,- P...

Väri: schwarz


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Tubus carrier fixing struts (bent)

Material: aluminium, shape: round-bent (Ø 8 mm), length: 190 mm, with hole Ø suitable for M5 screws. · 1 pair · available with 5, 8, 12 or 35 mm bend...

Väri: schw.


cycloc Cycloc Straps Wrap

The flexible Cycloc Wrap accessory strap offers a thousand and one application possibilities. The elastic strap allows you to secure or attach almost...

OVH 14,99 € alkaen11,15 

Tubus PU paint protection foil

Ideally suited for protecting the fixing points for side bags on the carrier. Dimensions: approx. 4 x 14 cm; self-adhesive. · suitable for all carrie...

Väri: transparent


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Topeak MTX Defender mudguard

Topeak‘s MTX Defender mudguard is easily fitted to the underside of the MTX BeamRack rear rack by Topeak (product code: 2257206). Thus, the ultra-ligh...

Väri: schwarz

normaalihinta 7,90 € 7,24 

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Xtreme mount kit for Grand Tour I carrier

Mounting kit for Xtreme Grand Tour I rack, consisting of: 4 screws (st. steel) M5 x 14, 4 screws (st. steel) M5 x 16, 2 screws (st. steel) M6 x 20, 8...


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Tubus Extension adapter for 29" rear racks

This dropout extension adapter allows you to extend the distance between your compatible 29" Tubus rear rack or your panniers and your heels to avoid...