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Reverse chainring bolts set of four

Pimp your bike! With the lightweight and coloured chainring bolts from Reverse Components you can design your crank. The bolts are tightented with two...

SHIMANO Alfine CT-S510 chain tensioner

Required when using an Alfine or Nexus hub gear in connection with vertical dropouts, as long as no rear derailleur takes over the tensioning function...

Väri: silber/schw.


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Rotor BB30/ITA30 bottom bracket cups

High-quality bottom bracket by Rotor for the installation of 30 mm crankset axles for BB30 standard on frames with BSA or Italian thread. Details: ·...

Väri: schwarz

OVH 55,00 € alkaen44,75 

Campagnolo Ultra Torque replacement bearings

Replacement bearing kit with sealing rings for your Campagnolo Ultra Torque crankset. Details: · Suitable for all Campagnolo Ultra Torque cranksets (...

normaalihinta 27,04 € 22,87 

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Race Face Crank Boot

Protects your bike's crank on rough trails: The Race Face Crank Boots can simply be pulled over the end piece of the crank, so that adverse terrain ca...

OVH 9,90 € alkaen7,24 

Rotor Press Fit 4130 bottom bracket Road/MTB BB86/89/92

ROTOR Press Fit 4130 bottom bracket with steel bearings and non-contact labyrinth seal. The latter ensures perfect protection from dust, water and dir...

Väri: schwarz

OVH 39,00 € 31,21 

SHIMANO FC-S500 Alfine chainring bolts

Shimano chainring bolts for the small or large chainring of 5-arm Shimano Alfine, Tiagra, Sora and 105 series cranks. Details: · For Shimano chainrin...

normaalihinta 6,95 € 5,16 

SHIMANO Chainring bolts for FC-R8000/FC-6800/FC-R9000/FC-R9100 and XTR FC-M970

Shimano chainring bolts to fix the inner and outer chainrings of the Shimano cranksets FC-R8000/FC-6800/FC-R9000/FC-R9100 and the inner chainring of...

normaalihinta 11,90 € 8,28 

SHIMANO chainring bolts for FC 6700/7900

Shimano chainring bolts for small or large chainrings of 5-arm Shimano Dura Ace and Ultegra cranks. Details: · For single or double chainrings · M8 x...

normaalihinta 18,90 € 18,70 

SHIMANO chainring bolts for SLX FC-M7000 triple

Shimano chainring bolts for middle and outer chainring. · For SLX FC-M7000 triple cranksets · Fits to mid and outer chainrings · M8 x 8,5 mm · 4 x sta...


SHIMANO chainring bolts for FC-M7000, 8000, MT700, M780, M782, M785

Shimano chainring bolts to fasten the inner and - when using the FC-MT700 – the outer chainring. · Suitable for SLX FC-M7000 (double and triple), XT F...

normaalihinta 4,69 € 4,12 

SHIMANO crank clamp bolt

· M6x19 mm · Incl. washer · Suitable for the following cranksets: · FC-S400 · FC-S500 · FC-M543 · FC-M665 · FC-M771 · FC-4500 · FC-4550 · FC-6600 · FC...


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SHIMANO Star screw f. left Hollowtech II crank

FC-4500 / 4503 / 4550 / R600 / R550 / R553

normaalihinta 3,08 € 2,03 

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SHIMANO star screw for left crank Hollowtech II

Shimano crank fixing bolt suitable for: · FC-MT500 · FC-MT600 · FC-M 610 · FC-M 617 · FC-M6000 · FC-M 770 · FC-M 771 · FC-M 582

normaalihinta 2,45 € 2,03 

SRAM pedal washers

· for carbon crankarms · avoid subsequent damages at the crank when tightening the pedals · 2 pieces · manufacturer's ref.: 11.6700.002.010


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Xtreme Precious Bolt I crank fixing bolts

Crank bolts with integrated crank extractor and aluminium caps. To dismount the crank, you now only need an 8 mm hex key, which is a big advantage - n...


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Xtreme crank fixing screws

· 8 mm steel hex screws · for square bottom brackets · 1 pair


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Campagnolo Super Record Ultra Torque replacement bearing

Replacement bearing kit with sealing ring for the Campagnolo Super Record Ultra crankset of your bike. Details: · Suitable for all Super Record Ultra...


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FSA BB30 threaded adapter

A threaded adapter that converts BSA bottom bracket cups and bottom brackets with 1,37 x 24 thread and a shell width of 68 mm case to BB30 frames.

normaalihinta 15,57 € 14,07 

Campagnolo Power Torque replacement bearings

Replacement bearing kit with sealing rings for the Campagnolo Power Torque crankset of your bike. Details: · Suitable for all Power Ultra cranksets ·...