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ROSE Pro tyre lever set

ROSE Pro tyre levers - the stury ones. An aluminium core prevents the levers from bending or braking when using stubborn bicycle tyres. A plastic bord...

Väri: silber


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Xtreme Pro Composite tyre levers

These tyre levers feature a flexible metal core and therefore do not bend as easily as other plastic levers. The plastic coating of the Composite Pro...


ROSE Long Lever XL tyre levers

The Long Lever XL by ROSE is comfy in your hands. The handy lever packs a punch and is yet gentle to your bike's rims and tyres. This is thanks to a p...

Väri: schwarz


Xtreme Long Lever tyre levers

Workshop version made of break-proof plastic. You can lift the tightest tyres from the rim and nevertheless treat the sensitive aluminium with care. ·...


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Crank Brothers Speedier tyre lever

Whether road, trekking or MTB tyres, you will only need this tyre lever for mounting and dismounting. Your knuckles are perfectly protected in case of...

Väri: schwarz

OVH 5,99 € 5,16 

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ROSE 3-piece tyre lever set

The advantage of these tyre levers made of break-proof plastic is that they have broader and rounded edges. Tyres and rims are thus treated with care....


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SKS Germany SKS tyre-levers

This lightweight, solid set of tyre-levers made of break-proof, rim-friendly plastic should not be missing in your breakdown kit. The tyre-levers can...

Väri: orange

normaalihinta 2,49 € 1,82 

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Park Tool TL-1.2 tyre-lever set

The Park Tool TL-1.2 tyre-levers made of fibreglass reinforced plastic are delivered in a set of three. They can be hooked in the spokes and can be st...

normaalihinta 3,99 € 2,59 

Tacx T4620 tyre lever set

Finally a properly working tool that does not push the tyre over the rim flange like a crowbar, but that rather lifts it to protect the material. The...

OVH 5,99 € 5,16 

MAVIC Multi-tool 2 pack

Original Mavic bearing adjustment tool made from robust hard plastic with the following functions: · Tool for holding bladed spokes · Spoke wrench fo...

Väri: schwarz

normaalihinta 6,40 € 6,15 

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Xtreme Duolift tyre levers

Wide, flat tyre levers that remove even the most stubborn tyre from the rim. The levers made of break-proof plastic can be stuck together easily. Than...


Lezyne Power Lever

Stable tyre lever with spoke hook, indispensable in case of need. · Material: composite (plastic) · With spoke hook · Length: approx. 10,5 cm · 1 pa...

Väri: schwarz

normaalihinta 4,45 € 4,12 


ROSE Quick Lever tyre lever set

ROSE Quick Lever tyre levers – the perfect solution for easy installation and removal of tubeless or narrower, stuck tyres. The split design of the le...

Väri: schwarz

OVH 4,50 € 3,07 

Topeak Shuttle Lever 1.2 tyre levers

At first glance, you would hardly guess that the Shuttle Lever 1.2 is made up of two tyre levers. The two professional tyre levers with typical Topeak...

Väri: schwarz/gelb


Birzman Tire Lever Set

These tyre levers in a signal colour are easy to find when you are in need. The robust tyre levers vy Birzman help you remove even stuck tyres from th...

Väri: grün


Xtreme Teleskop tyre lever

Breakdown assistance made easy: This tyre lever can be extended up to 36 cm and thus allows for easy tyre replacement. When telescoped, it is no longe...


Velox tyre levers

3-piece tyre lever set made of break-proof plastic that can be slightly stuck together. To facilitate tyre dismounting, you can hook the single tyre l...

Väri: orange

OVH 3,80 € 2,60 

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Birzman Wedge Wedge tyre lever

Extra long and truly robust! The Wedge Wedge tyre lever by Birzman can handle any tyre. With its lever length of more than 20 cm and a plastic-coated...

Väri: schwarz

OVH 16,90 € 15,58 

Lezyne Power Lever XL

Long and extra stable version made from fibre-reinforced composite material. With the optimised lever ratio, it becomes a child's play to loosen the t...

Väri: gelb

normaalihinta 4,95 € 4,12 

Tacx T4885 tyre levers

Tyre lever set made of hard plastic. Stuck together as a compact unit, you can easily store them in a saddle or jersey bag. · with spoke hook-in func...

OVH 1,99 € 1,76