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385 Hakutulokset

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Cyclus Tools Bottom bracket threading tool

The bottom bracket threading tool by Cyclus Tools allows for a perfect co-axial alignment of the bottom bracket threads to prevent premature wear and...

OVH 146,90 € alkaen85,39 

Cyclus Tools Derailleur hanger alignment gauge

The derailleur hanger alignment gauge by Cyclus Tools allows you to determine the exact geometric position of the gear hanger at the dropouts. A bent...

OVH 46,50 € 29,12 

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SHIMANO TL-CN28 chain tool

A ergonomic handle and an improved push bolt, this chain tool allows for easy chain riveting. Essential for Shimano 11-speed chains. · For UG, HG and...

normaalihinta 32,95 € 26,99 

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Rohloff Caliber 2 chain wear gauge

This chain wear gauge shows exactly when it is time to change the chain in order to protect sprockets and chainrings against excessive wear. · suitabl...

normaalihinta 24,00 € 23,97 

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Topeak All Speeds Chain Tool

The All Speeds Chain Tool by Topeak impresses with a noble finish and very good handling. The chain fixing hook can be stowed in the handle, allows fo...

Väri: schwarz/silber

normaalihinta 29,95 € 25,95 

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SHIMANO TL-CN42 Kettenverschleißmesslehre

Mit der Shimano Kettenlehre kann der Verschleiß exakt gemessen werden. Der Vorteil des TL-CN24 liegt in der besonderen Bauweise. Die Lehre misst im Ve...

normaalihinta 20,78 € 16,57 

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Park Tool CN-10 cable cutter

The Park Tool CN-10 cable cutter is a must-have for the tool box. It fits into the palm of your hand comfortably, is absolutely stable and cuts everyt...

normaalihinta 31,95 € 31,16 

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Park Tool CC-3.2 chain wear indicator

A worn chain shifts poorly and significantly accelerates wear on sprockets and chainrings. The Park Tool CC-3.2 chain wear indicator helps you to easi...

normaalihinta 13,99 € 10,32 

Park Tool MLP-1.2 Master Link pliers

Handy pliers for removal and closing of master links. Over time, dirt, corrosion and wear can make it difficult to do this by hand. The Master Link Pl...

normaalihinta 18,99 € 13,44 

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ROSE Handlebar stabiliser

The ROSE handlebar stabilizer keeps the handlebar from tilting away during assembly works. Useful for assembly stands without fork fixation. However,...


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Cyclus Tools Bearing cup press

The Cyclus Tools bearing cup press helps you properly fit headsets, whereas improper tools (hammers etc.) are likely to destroy sensitive bearing cups...

OVH 75,10 € alkaen41,58 

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Topeak Cable & Housing Cutter

The Topeak Cable & Housing Cutter allows you to easily and safely cut inner cables and housings. Two additional features of the pliers are a built-in...


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Xtreme sprocket removal tool

Suitable for removing all 7-/8-/9-/10- and 11-speed sprockets. · extra long chain for a secure hold at the cassette · plastic coated grip with central...


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ROSE BB 4F bottom bracket tool

The ROSE BB 4F bottom bracket tool comes with four different bottom bracket types. This tool should be part of any tool box. The tool engages securely...

Väri: schwarz


Park Tool DH-1 dummy hub

The Park Tool DH-1 dummy hub replaces the rear wheel for chain cleaning or transport of the bike. Simply fix the dummy, guide the chain through the g...

normaalihinta 15,95 € 15,53 

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Birzman Hollowtech II B.B. Tool

High-quality 1/2" socket head by Birzman for the installation and removal of Shimano Hollowtech II and other compatible BSA bottom bracket cups. • Fo...

Väri: silber

OVH 12,90 € 10,37 

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Birzman Lighter Atom chain tool

The Lighter Atom by Birzman is an ultra-compact chain tool that is designed for use on the go. The body is made from high-quality aluminium and connec...

Väri: schwarz/silber

normaalihinta 13,90 € 12,40 

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IceToolz chain whip / sprocket remover

IceToolz chain whip with a plastic-coated handle to remove sprockets of 6-11-speed cassettes. Details: · Suitable for 6-/7-/8-/9-/10-/11-speed casset...

normaalihinta 9,95 € 8,23 

Rohloff sprocket removal tool

With this tool you can remove a screw-on Rohloff sprocket or a Rohloff plug sprocket adapter (sprocket must be fitted to hold it in place) using a cha...


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Park Tool BBT-90.3 Pressfit bottom bracket bearing tool set

This Park Tool set is designed for removal or - in combination with the HHP-2 or HHP-3 press tool (not included) – installation of Pressfit bottom bra...

normaalihinta 69,99 € 48,87