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ultraSPORTS ultraProtect Chonsamin capsules

This nutrient complex contains glucosamine, chondroitin, plant extracts and micro nutrients. Use: 2 - 6 capsules per day · Contributes to a normal bon...

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SaltStick Caps PLUS electrolyte-salt capsules plus caffeine

Food supplement for sports and heavy physical work involving heavy perspiration. When sweating heavily, your body loses salt and minerals. In comparis...

40,50  Perushinta: 36,82 € / 100g

Xenofit Magnesiumcitrat pure capsules

- Magnesium now also available as a capsule - Developed for all those who prefer organically bound magnesium citrate in a pure form. It is highly bi...

normaalihinta 14,95 € 11,53  Perushinta: 18,90 € / 100g

SaltStick Fastchews electrolyte chewable tablets

The SaltStick Fastchews are a food supplement that contains salt and minerals to compensate for a loss of those substances during heavy physical work...

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normaalihinta 4,99 € alkaen4,12  Perushinta: 25,75 € / 100g

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Dextro Energy Sports Formula Stick tablets

When it's about supplying the body with carbohydrates, vitamins and magnesium, Dextro Energy is a good choice. As dextrose is a monosaccharide, it doe...

2,03  Perushinta: 2,16 € / 100g

Squeezy 100% Pure Amino Box capsules

This protein supplement is perfect for athletes who take care of a good supply of protein. Squeezy is a true alternative to indigestible or stomach fi...

normaalihinta 39,80 € 34,48 

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Xenofit Guarana plus chewable tablets

Dietary supplement for athletes looking for a practical caffeine "kick" for on the go. 2 chewable tablets (1 portion) contain 60 mg caffeine from natu...

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OVH 8,95 € 6,32  Perushinta: 8,32 € / 100g

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Xenofit Xenofit® Zink plus chewable tablets

One chewable tablet contains 5 mg zinc and 90 mg vitamin C. Especially during periods of a one-sided diet or heightened demand, it is important to ens...

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OVH 6,95 € 5,20  Perushinta: 5,47 € / 100g

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Vitargo Salt & More salt capsules

During intensive training units, in competitions or in high temperatures, the body can lose electrolytes when sweating. This may result in a loss of p...

13,85  Perushinta: 18,47 € / 100g

Squeezy Salt Tabs -coated- salt dragées

Whether cycling, running or triathlon – the longer the distance, the more important is sodium chloride. Squeezy Salt Tabs are coated salt tablets in t...

OVH 19,90 € 15,63  Perushinta: 19,06 € / 100g

ultraSPORTS ultraSports ultraBase Floratin capsules

Perfectly suitable as a dietary supplement in times of high physical strain and after competitions. 3 capsules for daily intake contain approx. 10 bil...

normaalihinta 19,90 € 19,74  Perushinta: 39,48 € / 100g


ultraSPORTS Greens Capsules

Athletes need more trace elements and minerals than less active people, as they lose those substances through urination and sweat. Greens capsules by...

20,74  Perushinta: 38,41 € / 100g
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