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Clif Bar Carbohydrate bar

Please note: Coconut Chocolate Chip best before 24.04.2018 This Clif Bar on oat basis can be recommended for sports activities or as a little snack i...

Saatavilla useana eri versiona
normaalihinta 1,79 € alkaen1,41  Perushinta: 2,07 € / 100g

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PowerBar Energize bar - The Original -

Energize - the endurance classic - The bar that contains the special carbohydrate mixture C2MAX (special proportion of glucose and fructose sources)....

Saatavilla useana eri versiona
normaalihinta 1,99 € 1,68  Perushinta: 3,05 € / 100g

PowerBar New Energize bar

The PowerBar Energize bar is a classic. The new consistency is easy to chew while doing sports and easy to take out of the packaging. Sweet and salty...

Saatavilla useana eri versiona
2,03  Perushinta: 3,69 € / 100g

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Xenofit carbohydrate bar

The Xenofit carbohydrate bar - 6 flavours With its optimized composition of carbohydrates, fat and protein, this carbohydrate bar fulfills modern dema...

Versio: Ananas/Karotte

OVH 1,80 € 1,45  Perushinta: 2,13 € / 100g

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EnergyOatSnack bar

From the powerhouse of nature - oat flakes are the basis of this handmade bar. Thanks to its juicy, soft consistency, the bar can be easily portioned...

Saatavilla useana eri versiona
OVH 1,89 € alkaen1,33  Perushinta: 2,05 € / 100g

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PowerBar 52% Protein Plus bar

Proteins are natural building blocks for your muscles. So it is especially important to supply your body with these building blocks of protein after s...

Saatavilla useana eri versiona
normaalihinta 2,29 € 1,91  Perushinta: 3,82 € / 100g

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PowerBar Ride energy bar

- Great taste plus magnesium - The PowerBar Ride bar for hobby athletes with a special mixture of carbohydrate/dietary fibre and magnesium. · 55 g Pl...

Saatavilla useana eri versiona
OVH 1,59 € 1,56  Perushinta: 2,84 € / 100g

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ultraSPORTS ultraBAR carbohydrate whey protein bar

ultraSPORTS ultraBAR carbohydrates whey protein bar with a mix of long-chain and short-chain carbohydrates. The bar contains no wholemeal flakes and i...

Saatavilla useana eri versiona
normaalihinta 1,30 € 1,27  Perushinta: 4,23 € / 100g

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PowerBar Natural Energy Fruit Bar

PowerBar Natural Energy Fruit Bar, the sports bar with natural, vegan ingredients – with added magnesium. When you are out there for longer than plann...

Saatavilla useana eri versiona
normaalihinta 1,49 € 1,27  Perushinta: 3,18 € / 100g

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PowerBar Natural Energy Cereal bar

A natural bar for on the go – the Natural Energy Cereal sports bar by Power Bar not only supplies your body with carbohydrates, but also offers an exc...

Saatavilla useana eri versiona
normaalihinta 1,49 € alkaen1,27  Perushinta: 3,18 € / 100g

PowerBar Energize 3+1 multi-pack promotion

Energize - the endurance classic Now in a 3+1 multi-pack at a reduced price. PowerBar with the special C2MAX carbohydrate mixture with a 2:1 ratio of...

OVH 5,80 € 5,04  Perushinta: 2,29 € / 100g

ultraSPORTS ultraPro Bar 50% protein bar

For those who train hard for marathons, cycle races or triathlons, the ultraPro protein bar by ultraSPORTS offers the daily extra portion of protein t...

Versio: lemon-coconut

2,55  Perushinta: 5,10 € / 100g

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Isostar High Energy bar

Test the isostar High Energy bar that supplies your body with an extra portion of carbohydrates and vitamins now. It not only helps you to prevent fat...

Saatavilla useana eri versiona
0,81  Perushinta: 2,03 € / 100g

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PowerBar Natural Protein bar

The PowerBar Natural Protein bar is as crunchy as a cereal bar, has natural ingredients and is lactose-free as well as vegan. Proteins are natural bui...

Saatavilla useana eri versiona
normaalihinta 1,59 € 1,51  Perushinta: 3,78 € / 100g

Clif Bar Builder's Protein Bar 30%

Clif Builder's Protein bars are specifically made for athletes. In addition to 20g of soy and nut proteins, the bars contain vitamins and minerals. Hi...

Saatavilla useana eri versiona
OVH 2,19 € 2,14  Perushinta: 3,15 € / 100g

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Squeezy Energy Bar 50 g

The lactose-free Squeezy carbohydrate bar is made for the special requirements of athletes. The Power Snack is soft and thus easy to chew, does not st...

Versio: Fruit

1,56  Perushinta: 3,12 € / 100g

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Isostar High Protein bar

High-grade lactoprotein combined with carbohydrates - this is the isostar High Protein bar. The bar is rich in protein and ideal to bulk up and to ma...

Saatavilla useana eri versiona
0,93  Perushinta: 2,66 € / 100g

Mulebar Vegan Energy Bar Natural

100% natural and delicious. This energy bar with high nutritional values is for all ambitious athletes. No matter which flavour you choose: the carboh...

Saatavilla useana eri versiona
2,03  Perushinta: 5,08 € / 100g

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Dextro Energy protein crisp bar 50 g

The Dextro Energy Sports Nutrition Protein Crisp can be eaten as a protein bar after the training or as a light snack. With a protein content of 30%,...

Saatavilla useana eri versiona
OVH 1,49 € 1,15  Perushinta: 2,30 € / 100g

PowerBar Proteinnut 2 protein bar

With the PowerBar Proteinnut 2 protein bar, you can enjoy a protein-rich snack twice. The tear-off package hides a bite-sized protein bar duo for in-b...

Saatavilla useana eri versiona
OVH 1,49 € alkaen1,39  Perushinta: 3,09 € / 100g


Urheilupatukat ja energiapatukat – täydellistä ravintoa pyöräilijälle

Urheiluravinteet / urheilupatukat / energiapatukat – täydellinen valinta pyöräilyyn

Markkinoilla on kaupan monenlaisia erilaisia energiapatukoita. Jokaiselle urheilulajille löytyy oma tuotteensa. Löytyy esim. sellaisia energiapatukoita jotka antavat lisää energiaa harjoituksen aikana, tai sellaisia jotka sisältävät proteiineja, jotka edistävät lihassolujen muodostumista ja auttavat kehoa palautumaan harjoituksesta. Näiden lisäksi löytyy myös patukoita joita on kehitetty käytettäväksi erilaisten diettien yhteydessä. Näitä patukoita voi syödä ennen harjoitusta, harjoituksen aikana tai sen jälkeen.