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VAUDE AQUA BACK PLUS II set of two pannier bags

The VAUDE AQUA BACK PLUS II pannier set offers a gigantic volume of no less than 51 litres. Maximum stowage! In addition, the bags are waterproof, sim...


VAUDE AQUA BACK II set of two pannier bags

The VAUDE AQUA BACK II pannier set is waiting for adventures. The roll closure is waterproof and thanks to the ECO FINISH, this bicycle bag simply rep...


OVH 129,95 € alkaen104,15 


Storage wonder – the VAUDE KARAKORUM bag offers a volume of 68 litres. The top case is easy to remove and the bag can even be used as a backpack. A cl...

OVH 149,95 € alkaen104,15 


The BACK-ROLLER DESIGN single pannier is a real eye-catcher in dreary road traffic, thanks to its different patterns. The colourful bag with a waterpr...

Racktime TALIS PLUS rack pack

Would you like some more? The TALIS PLUS rack pack by racktime offers easy-to-access stowage space for your rack. Thanks to fold-out side compartments...

ORTLIEB Urban Line Back-Roller QL3.1 pannier bag

The ORTLIEB Urban Line Back-Roller QL3.1 single rear pannier is a simple and classic companion for everyday. The bicycle bag in sober colours impresse...



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KLICKfix SHOPPER ALINGO GT rear bicycle basket for racktime

The KLICKfix SHOPPER ALINGO GT shopping basket is especially designed for your racktime carrier. This lightweight basket is easy to remove, easy to fi...

ORTLIEB BACK-ROLLER FREE set of two pannier bags

The BACK-ROLLER FREE panniers by ORTLIEB come in a set of two. Two pannier bags with a volume of 20 litres each offer enough stowage for your daily co...

BASIL BOHEME CARRY ALL BAG women's bicycle bag

Bike bag or handbag? Why not both at the same time? With the BOHEME CARRY ALL BAG women's bike bag you have got a true allrounder with you. Versatile,...

normaalihinta 54,95 € alkaen44,75 

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Racktime TALIS trunk bag

The TALIS trunk bag by racktime has a volume of 8 litres and thus offers plenty of stowage on your bike. Thanks to the premounted SNAPIT adapter, this...

Racktime SILKROAD M rack pack

The lightweight RT TOUR BOX by racktime allows you to easily transport important and valuable things. It even offers enough space for your helmet. A l...

Väri: black

OVH 59,95 € 52,05 

Racktime RT ODIN pannier bag

The RT ODIN pannier by racktime is suitable for versatile use, thanks to the individually adjustable volume of the main compartment and two removable...

Väri: black

OVH 79,95 € 72,89 

VAUDE AQUA FRONT II set of two pannier bags

The AQUA FRONT II pannier set by VAUDE will brave the rain. It is waterproof and simply repels water thanks to a special surface coating. A robust bag...


normaalihinta 119,95 € alkaen98,94 

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ORTLIEB DOWNTOWN 2 QL2.1 pannier bag

The DOWNTOWN 2 QL2.1 pannier bag by ORTLIEB comes with the proven ORTLIEB QL2.1 mounting system. The bag is secured and released with an automatic loc...

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BASIL MILES DAYPACK single pannier bag

The waterproof MILES DAY single pannier bag by BASIL is an allrounder. Thanks to the included shoulder straps, you can also use it as backpack, should...

Waterproof Lifestyle

Väri: black lime

black lime
black slate
OVH 69,95 € 57,26 

Racktime RT AGNETHA bicycle basket

The RT AGNETHA bike basket by racktime allows for comfortable shopping tours. The integrated, water-repellent rain cover can be closed with a drawstri...

OVH 69,95 € 59,34 

Thule Pack ’n Pedal SHIELD PANNIER set, 24 l large

Come in a double pack: The Thule Pack ’n Pedal SHIELD PANNIER bags with a generous volume of 24 litres each accompany you with clever features on the...

normaalihinta 139,95 € 114,57 

Topeak MTX Trunk Bag DX rack pack

The MTX Trunk Bag DX rack pack by TOPEAK is really fun. Thanks to its clever division, a drinks bottle holder and the TOPEAK MTX QuickTrack System for...

Väri: schwarz

normaalihinta 79,95 € 67,68 

VAUDE Aqua Back Print Single pannier

The Aqua Back Print Single pannier by VAUDE comes with a modern print. Thanks to a roll closure and the tarpaulin material, the bag is waterproof and...


Väri: black/green

OVH 74,95 € 67,68 


The BACK-ROLLER HIGH VISIBILITY pannier bag by ORTLIEB offers more visibility in the dark thanks to integrated reflective yarns. When headlights hit t...



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