•  50 000 tuotetta saatavilla heti toimitukseen
  •  Ilmainen palautus (kaikista EU-maista)
  •  Henkilökohtaista neuvontaa pyörän hankintaan
  •  30 päivän palautusoikeus
  •  Pyörät kootaan Saksassa

The biggest difference between men and women in terms of anatomy is the genital area and the pelvis. While cycling, this small area bears most of your body weight and is quite sensitive to pressure.

Terry has already scientifically dealt with this topic since 1994. Therefore, the company is a pioneer in the development of ergonomic bike saddles and has extensive knowledge and experience to consequently reduce saddle soreness for men and women.

A perfect pressure distribution over the perineal area and the pubic bones is achieved through an even contact surface and a relief channel. Using high-quality foams and gel inlays provides additional relief, reduces friction and thus avoids saddle soreness.

It’s important to choose the saddle width that best fits your individual pelvic anatomy in order to reduce saddle discomfort. One key factor for determining the correct saddle size is the sit bone distance.