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ROECKL loves and lives gloves! With a family tradition of glove making, these are the most beautiful accessories in the world for ROECKL. That is why they have stayed focused for over 180 years on that which they do best: Gloves Their motivation: They want to hand athletes premium products that have been well thought-out, literally all the way to the fingertips. This focus has paid off: The name ROECKL stands for well-designed functionality, exact fits, and excellent comfort. The problem: Comfort can’t be measured. The material, cut, and proportions make the difference. Science can’t help. Only experience helps. And here they win points with their wealth of experience in the art of glove-making and knowledge of the trade that has been refined from generation to generation. They have stayed true to their motto “Being innovative by tradition. Preserving what is tried and tested. Improving what is good!”

ROECKL shares their excitement and passion for the sport with professional and reactional athletes. Working in close cooperation with competence teams, they have developed well-designed cuts and high-quality materials in order to best meet the specific needs of each type of sport.

Regardless of whether it is used as part of sports training, competitions, vacations, and recreation, or for environmentally friendly transportation for casual or commuting uses - bicycles are now an essential part of our lives. And gloves are indispensable accessory for cycling, because they offer a reliable grip and enables delicate and precise operation of the handlebar, shifting, and breaks. Comfort, fit, and a firm grip are the key criteria that define good cycling gloves. And naturally, various applications, preferences, and needs need to be taken into account. Someone who is often riding over cobbled or unpaved roads will prefer powerful shock absorbing qualities. For multi-day tours, weatherproof qualities are important. And anyone who likes to wear themselves out on sweat-inducing routes will value breathable designs - while firm, robust materials ensure stability and control on trails that are technically challenging.

In order to give recreational as well as professional bike riders the best possible material, ROECKL uses all of its experience with glove making craftsmanship. Modern materials, functional and well-designed constructions, as well as careful and accurate workmanship distinguish ROECKL SPORTS. Come and see the collection for yourself!