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Selected replacement parts and accessories for the bike
Since 1980, the company POINT-Helmig GmbH has specialised in the sale of selected replacement parts and accessories for the bike. The company considers itself as a mediator between manufacturers, wholesalers, specialist retailers and end users. Apart from seat posts, helmets, lighting sets, handlebar grips and other practical bike accessories and other products, different pedal reflectors as well as further lighting products are also part of the POINT product range. In July 2014, the company took over responsibility for the sales of core products of MONZ GMBH & CO and thus extended its product range particularly in the area of bicycle trailers and seats. 

The quality and technology standards of POINT 
It is important to POINT-Helmig GmbH that the products meet highest quality requirements and that they are always equipped with state-of-the-art technologies. This applies to the spare parts as well as to many accessories of POINT’s product range. The company aims at being as close as possible to the market, i.e. developing ideas for products that fulfil the requirements of the users as exactly as possible. After numerous product tests in practice and a subsequent test, the product goes into production.