Protect lives and reduce the consequences of accidents

POC is a leading Swedish company of helmets, eyewear, body protection, clothing and accessories, with a clear mission: "To protect lives and reduce the consequences of accidents - for athletes or anyone inspired to be one."

POC’s Whole Helmet concept™

Advances in science continue to show the complexity and role of the brain. It is a central element to our wellbeing. That's why POC has created a unique Whole Helmet Concept™ for developing and testing helmets, where every feature, every component, every shape and every material is designed to work together. The whole is greater than the sum of its individual parts. The POC Whole Helmet Concept™ with innovative materials, integrated electronics and optimised details is designed to make a helmet work before, during and after an impact to increase safety.



Adaptation is the key to survival. No matter how difficult the conditions – being able to stay safe, dry and comfortable on the road will always get you further. And it will most likely ensure many happy moments on your tour. The combination of variable insulation and comprehensive protection makes these products perfect for braving the headwinds in a changeable season. Breathability, visibility and packability are crucial when you set out to conquer the roads in unpredictable weather.