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milKit is a revolutionary tubeless valve system for an easy and clean installation and servicing of tubeless systems.

Fast: Measure and refill sealant without deflating the tyre. Clean: No clogging of the valves. A rubber flap prevents the sealant from filling and clogging the valves. Simple: Fit the tyre dry and add sealant afterwards – no more mess.

The idea for milKit was born on a mountain bike tour through the USA. Back then, a flat tubeless tyre due to dried sealant forced the developers to stop on the way. A problem that is widely known among tubeless riders.

The product development engineer and passionate mountain biker Pius Kobler was tired of this type of incidents and decided to do something against it – thus, he started to develop milKit. Together with another passionate mountain biker and experienced employer he founded the company Sport Components AG. The company’s aim is to make the life of mountain bikers and other athletes a lot easier with innovative products, and to become a leading supplier of bicycle components.


To guarantee highest quality and short delivery times, all milKit products are made in Switzerland, Italy and Portugal – in the heart of Europe.