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Based in Idstein in Taunus, JACK WOLFSKIN produces functional clothing, outdoor gear (e.g. backpacks and tents) and shoes. The manufacturer of clothing and outdoor gear has focused on protection against the elements for over 25 years. For outdoor fans, JACK WOLFSKIN offers functional outdoor clothing for both men and women, e.g. fleece jackets, hoodies, soft shell jackets, thermal trousers, functional trousers, hats, gloves and scarves. At the same time, JACK WOLFSKIN products are characterised by a high level of functionality and as such, they are very popular among cyclists.

JACK WOLFSKIN sports clothing – outdoor gear for active people 
Over the past couple of years, Jack Wolfskin sports clothing has benefited from further development and in doing so, has contributed to a greater enjoyment of outdoor activities. Jack Wolfskin functional clothes are associated with especially good functionality and a high level of comfort. As such, in different applications, Jack Wolfskin products meet the demanding expectations of outdoor fans.

JACK WOLFSKIN bicycle racing – cycle clothes with sustainability 
At Jack Wolfskin, another important topic is the sustainability of the company's products. Thus, in the production of products for bicycle racing, people and nature take centre stage. Starting with respect for the people who produce the products, Jack Wolfskin works with suppliers and their producers in order to uphold national and international standards for employed workers. In addition, Jack Wolfskin insists on general environmental regulations which have to be adhered to in the production of clothing. Jack Wolfskin products combine an inherent enthusiasm for natural experiences with respect for the environment.