Brake cables and gear cables for your bike


Hartmann & Co is a specialist wholesaler for brake and other kind of control cables that was founded in August 1950 in Germany. At the beginning, Friedrich Hartmann and Heinz Hufnagel managed their high-quality brand out of a basement room and a garage. However, within three years, the company had grown so much that they had to move into a store in Frankfurt am Main. Yet, this store soon became too small, too. Thus, they expanded their production facilities with a 1700 m² hall that was further expanded by 300 square metres later on. This is where the company produces stainless steel brake and gear cables for bicycles nowadays. Since the early 90s though, they have also manufactured ready-to-install wire rope solutions for machine building, printing machines and more. The family-owned business is now in the hands of the third generation and is one of the leading brands in the area of gear and brake cables.