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G-Ray-E2 E-Bike Rear Light with Brake Light Function

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The Litecco G-Ray-E2 is a rear light for e-bikes of up to 25 km/h, which impresses with its brake light function and wide beam angle.
Litecco’s bright rear light is mounted on the rear rack and is powered by your e-bike’s battery. Thanks to intelligent sensor technology, the brake light detects any deceleration and lights up two additional power LEDs to warn the traffic behind you.

It helps you stay noticeable even in thick traffic and also provides extra security on country roads. Since the G-Ray-E2 e-bike rear light is extremely bright, it provides increased visibility for traffic coming from behind or the side.
Thanks to the integrated terrain scan control technology (TSC), the motion control sensor of the G-Ray-E2 e-bike lamp can reliably differentiate between road unevenness and actual braking – avoiding false activation of the brake light.

• Rear light with brake light function for pedelecs with up pedal support up to 25km/h
• For rack mounting
• Modern sensor technology registers when you slow down and triggers the brake light
• Terrain Scan Control Technology (TSC) prevents false signals
• Very good rear and lateral visibility
• StVZO approved for all types of bikes

Technical details:
• Suitable* for e-bikes: yes (6 to 60 volts direct current (DC))
• Light modes: 1 (permanent light, active brake light function)
• Number of LEDs: 3 (1 rear light, 2 brake lights)
• Integrated reflector
• Brake light function: Terrain Scan Control for differentiating between road unevenness and braking
• Visibility rear light: up to approx. 400 m
• Visibility brake light: up to approx. 1000 m
• Lateral visibility: approx. 220°
• Water-resistant rating IP44
• Installation: luggage rack (50 mm bolt spacing)
• Dimensions: approx. 95 mm x 44 mm x 19 mm
• Weight: approx. 47 g

The rear light is compatible with a direct current power source (DC) of 6 to 60 volts. Some e-bikes can provide this, but NOT all do!
For the exact voltage supply of your e-bike lighting system, please check beforehand with the respective manufacturer.
NOT suitable for Dynamo!

In the box:
• 1 Litecco G-Ray-E2 E-bike rear light with brake light function
• 2 M6 nuts
• 2 M6 washers

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G-Ray-E2 E-Bike Rear Light with Brake Light Function

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