CDN CenterTrack Belt

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CDN CenterTrack Belt
CDN CenterTrack Belt
CDN CenterTrack Belt
CDN CenterTrack Belt

Gates Carbon Drive CDN CenterTrack Belt

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The Gates CDN belt is the low-priced alternative to the Gates Carbon Drive CDX belt (product code: 2289222) and impresses with smooth running and low maintenance. No more bouncing, squeaking or oil-covered chains; and since no lubrication is required, there are no grease spots either.
At that, the CDN belt weighs less than a standard bike chain and features a weather-resistant polyurethane construction with very strong and stretch-free carbon belt fibres.

• CDN version (low-priced CenterTrack version)
• Intended use: city and urban bikes, as well as e-bikes with front- or mid-drive motor
• For urban settings and tarmac roads
• Carbon fibre reinforced belt made from weather- and wear-resistant polyurethane (operating temperature of - 20°C to + 60°C)
• Cycling-specific tooth profile
• Groove in the centre (CenterTrack)
• High durability

• Gates CDN sprockets
• Gates CDX sprockets

• System Gates CDN
• Material: polyurethane, carbon, polyamide
• Tooth spacing: 11 mm
• Width: 12 mm

Available with:
• 111 teeth (1221 mm belt length)
• 113 teeth (1243 mm belt length)
• 115 teeth (1265 mm belt length)
• 118 teeth (1298 mm belt length)
• 120 teeth (1320 mm belt length)
• 122 teeth (1342 mm belt length)
Please make your choice.

The CDN belt by Gates is NOT approved for MTB riding or touring (increased wear)! Besides, the belt is NOT approved for e-bikes with mid-drive motor.

For a precise calculation of the required belt length you can use the Gates Carbon Drive Bicycle Calculator.

In the box:
• 1x Gates CDX CenterTrack belt

For the 400 ml Gates silicone spray for maintenance and care of your belt drive, please see product code: 2289245.

Proper belt tension is absolutely essential for optimal performance of the Gates Carbon Drive system.
To measure belt tension, we recommend you to use the Gates Eco Tension Tester (product code: 2289227).
Alternatively, you can measure the belt’s tension like a guitar hero with the Gates Carbon Drive Smartphone App (iOS / Android). Yet, this version is quite sensitive to the ambient noise level.

Gates tension recommendations (These tension recommendations are a good starting point, which may need to be adjusted higher or lower based on the rider size, gear ratio, and power placed on the pedals):
• Town and country – smooth and steady pedalling style: 40-60 Hz (35-45 lbs)
• Town and country – punchy and rough pedalling style: 60-75 Hz (45-53 lbs)
• Hub gears: 35-50 Hz (28-40 lbs)
• Tandem: 60-65 Hz (45-48 lbs)

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CDN CenterTrack Belt

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CDN CenterTrack Belt

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CDN CenterTrack Belt

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