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Edge® 1040 Solar GPS Bike Computer
Edge® 1040 Solar GPS Bike Computer
Edge® 1040 Solar GPS Bike Computer
Edge® 1040 Solar GPS Bike Computer
Edge® 1040 Solar GPS Bike Computer
Edge® 1040 Solar GPS Bike Computer
Edge® 1040 Solar GPS Bike Computer
Edge® 1040 Solar GPS Bike Computer
Edge® 1040 Solar GPS Bike Computer
Edge® 1040 Solar GPS Bike Computer
Edge® 1040 Solar GPS Bike Computer
Edge® 1040 Solar GPS Bike Computer
Edge® 1040 Solar GPS Bike Computer
Edge® 1040 Solar GPS Bike Computer
Edge® 1040 Solar GPS Bike Computer
Edge® 1040 Solar GPS Bike Computer
Edge® 1040 Solar GPS Bike Computer
Edge® 1040 Solar GPS Bike Computer
Edge® 1040 Solar GPS Bike Computer
Edge® 1040 Solar GPS Bike Computer
Edge® 1040 Solar GPS Bike Computer
Edge® 1040 Solar GPS Bike Computer

Garmin Edge® 1040 Solar GPS Bike Computer

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Enough stamina for new goals and even longer adventures on the bike. The GARMIN Edge® 1040 Solar with integrated solar technology impresses with outstanding battery power. That means you don't have to worry about the reliable function of your cycling computer when you are on the road for a longer period of time.

Discover new ways to increase performance and endurance by using optional sensors to control your power input with Power Guide and keep an eye on your remaining energy with Stamina. Identify your personal strengths and weaknesses and get feedback on the requirements of the planned route. You can view the popularity maps to see the most travelled routes for road biking, gravel biking, trekking or MTB, recommended based on billions of kilometres. Precisely record your ride data thanks to multi-frequency reception of global satellite systems and conveniently adjust your settings directly on the device or via your smartphone.

In order to have enough data reserves for your cycling and performance values as well as extensive map material and software expansions, the internal memory has been increased to a generous 64 GB. With the GARMIN Edge® 1040 Solar you are in a first-class position in terms of performance.

Get the best out of you!

• SOLAR CHARGING: The Power Glass solar charging lens extends the battery life. You get up to 100 hours in energy-saving mode or up to 45 hours during complex use. For tours during the day (Ø 75,000 lux), you get up to 42 minutes more per hour in energy-saving mode, and up to 20 minutes more per hour during complex use.
• REAL-TIME STAMINA: This endurance function tracks your performance and shows you the energy you have available during your physical activity. This way you can avoid premature exhaustion.
• CYCLING ABILITY AND ROUTE REQUIREMENTS*: Find out your strengths as a cyclist and compare them to the demands of a route so you can assess what you're up against.
• POWER GUIDE*: Find the optimal power input for your route and its elevation profile to create a power strategy for your route.
• FIND THE RIGHT INTENSITY*: Learn more about how your body reacts to the training. Save VO2max, recovery time, training load, training load focus and much more.
• TRAINING CONDITION*: With indicators like HRV status (heart rate variability), training log and power, you get insights into your overall effort. That way you know whether you are building up your form during training, are in top form or are tired.
• COMPETITION TRAINING: With training tips and daily training recommendations, you will always be well prepared for your next competition. You can also view the daily training recommendations for the whole week in the calendar of the GARMIN Connect™ app or on your bike computer. The suggestions adapt to match your performance and recovery as well as the demands of upcoming events.
• INTENSITY MINUTES*: How hard did you train? Your GARMIN bike computer tells you when you have received the intensity minutes for each activity.
• DAILY SUGGESTED WORKOUTS: You and your fitness level are taken into account in the daily training suggestions based on your current training load and your VO2max.
• SYNC TRAINING PLANS: Get indoor and outdoor training plans from the app for your GARMIN Connect™ smart device or sync them seamlessly from other apps like TrainingPeaks®. Special prompts remind you to complete a missed workout.
• ALTITUDE AND HEAT ACCLIMATISATION*: See how your body adapts to the current altitude or heat. The information is based on your health data.
• CLIMBPRO – PLAN CLIMBS CLEVERLY: Automatically see the remaining ascent and grade when you’re climbing while following a route or course. This helps you gauge your effort and see how much you have left to suffer. You can even save your climbs for postride review on your device or in the GARMIN Connect™ app.
• NUTRITION AND HYDRATION ALERTS: Get the insight you need to stay fueled, mile after mile. The bike computer will notify you when it’s time to hydrate or eat.
• IMPROVE YOUR PEDAL STROKE*: The advanced cycling data provides insights into performance changes based on different conditions such as cycling position, bike configuration, trip duration and more.
• MTB DYNAMICS: Save tour details including mountain bike metrics, as well as data about Grit® und Flow™. These data are used to determine the trail difficulty and how fluid your riding style is during downhill rides, so that you have a score to beat next time.
• INTEGRATION OF ELECTRONIC GROUPSETS: Use the shift levers of compatible electronic groupsets (SHIMANO Di2 or SRAM RED AXS™) to operate the settings of your Edge® and to scroll through data pages, for example.

Discover wonderful places!

• MULTI-FREQUENCY SATELLITE RECEPTION: Precise positioning even in narrow mountain valleys and urban canyons: Use multiple global navigation satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo) for more precise position information than with just the use of GPS.
• TOURING-SPECIFIC MAPS: Find your way around like a local – no matter what bike you're riding. Optimised maps highlight popular roads and trails. What’s more, they offer searchable points of interest.
• TRAILFORKS APP: With routable worldwide MTB trail data and POIs from Trailforks, easily search for trails directly on your bike computer. Or download the Trailforks app to transfer your planned routes from the Trailforks website.
• CLEAR DISPLAY OF TRAILS: This mode automatically displays upcoming forks in the trail. It gives you context by showing where you are within a trail network.
• TURN-BY-TURN DIRECTIONS: Never get lost with turn-by-turn directions and alerts that notify you of upcoming turns. Arrive at your destination safe and relaxed.
• ROUTE RECALCULATION: Feel free to pause route guidance and off-course notifications while you go off-course to explore. When you’re ready to get back on track, your bike computer will show you the way.
• PIN DROP NAVIGATION: Select a point in the iOS Maps app on your iPhone® and send the position directly to your compatible GARMIN bike computer via the GARMIN Connect™ app. Get a route and navigation to the position.
• SHIMANO STEPS E-BIKE SYSTEM: View a dedicated e-bike status screen, data fields and support for system status and warning messages. Even see assist level, gear position, battery life and more during a ride.

Protect yourself and your bike!

• COMPATIBILITY WITH INREACH® DEVICES: If you want to stay in touch even in remote areas, pair the bike computer with a compatible inReach device (active satellite subscription required). View and reply to messages, share trip data and trigger interactive SOS alerts..
• SAFE WHILE ON THE GO THANK TO VARIA™: Pair your bike computer with the Varia™ radar and/or the Varia™ bike lights to ensure you can see enough and be seen clearly by others.
• INCIDENT DETECTION**: The bike computer automatically sends a message with your location to pre-installed emergency contacts when an incident is detected.
• BIKE ALARM AGAINST THEFT**: The PIN-protected bike alarm will notify you on your smartphone if your bike is moved while you are taking a short break.
• WRITE GROUP MESSAGES**: Stay in touch with your fellow riders when you get separated from the group.
• GROUPTRACK FEATURE**: Keep an eye on your fellow riders, even when they fall out of sight. With GroupTrack, you can see up to 50 friends on the display at the same time.

Stay connected!

• GROUPRIDE: Plan a GroupRide and then share a code to see the route and other information on compatible Edge devices.
• MUSIC FEATURES**: Control your music on the trail or the indoor trainer. Pair the Edge with your smartphone to control your music directly on the bike computer.
• MORE FUNCTIONS FOR E-BIKE TOURS: Connect your compatible e-bike via ANT® or ANT+® technology. You can then view customised e-bike data, adjust the motor support and even see the remaining range based on the planned route.
• SMART NOTIFICATIONS**: Receive messages and alerts directly on your bike computer when paired with a compatible smartphone.
• ALL DATA ON GARMIN CONNECT™: With the GARMIN Connect™ app, you can analyse your performance and achievements even better, view them anywhere and share them with other members of the online community.
• LIVE EVENT SHARING**: If your bike computer is paired with your smartphone, you can automatically send live updates on your tour to your loved ones. While you're putting up a good fight, they stay informed about your speed, the kilometres you've already covered and more.
• SPECTATOR MESSAGING**: Pair your bike computer with your smartphone and get motivation during the race thanks to messages from family and friends.
• CONNECT IQ™ STORE: Upload display designs, data fields and apps to your paired bike computer.
• COMPATIBLE WITH SMART TRAINERS: When you pair your bike computer with a Tacx® indoor trainer, you can ride anywhere, anytime.
• QUICK SETUP: Be ready to ride fast, instead of wasting time configuring settings. Get prepopulated custom tour profiles based on your previous Edge bike computer, tour types or sensors. If the tour profiles are on the Edge, you can manage them directly on the device or a compatible smartphone.

* When paired with compatible sensors (sold separately).
** Requires pairing with a compatible smartphone. Requirements and restrictions for safety and tracking features at Garmin.com/safety.
***The battery life depends on the usage and the settings selected.

• Galileo
• Barometric altimeter
• Gyroscope
• Accelerometer
• Ambient light sensor
• Multiband GNSS
• Magnetometer

Daily smart functions (partially requires smartphone connection):
• Smart Notifications
• Text response / reject phone call with text (Android™ only)
• Weather
• Real-time setting synchronisation with GARMIN Connect™ Mobile
• Music features (smartphone control)
• Virb® remote control
• Smart trainer operation
• Smartphone compatibility: iPhone®, Android™

Safety and tracking features (requires connection with smartphone):
• Emergency assistance
• Livetrack
• Grouptrack
• GroupRide (Cycling)
• Rider-to-rider messaging
• Accident detection (including off-road)
• Search Edge®
• Bike alarm
• Weather alerts
• INREACH® compatible

Activity tracking features:
• Calories burned
• Intensity minutes

Training, planning and analysis features:
• Customisable screens
• Downloadable training plans
• Daily training suggestions
• Primary and secondary training goals
• Auto Pause®
• Interval training
• Advanced workouts
• Auto Lap®
• VO2 Max
• Training condition (cycling)
• Training load (cycling)
• Training load focus (cycling)
• Stamina data in real time
• Cycling ability analysis
• Route requirement analysis
• Training effect
• Recovery advisor
• Virtual Partner
• Virtual Racer™
• Segments
• Auto Scroll
• Physio TrueUp
• Uniform training condition

Outdoor recreation features:
• ClimbPro™ uphill planner (cycling)
• ClimbPro™ with planned routes
• ClimbPro™ without planned routes

Cycling features:
• Cycle map: routable street maps for cycling (several regions preinstalled, others available for free download)
• Routes: race against previous activities
• Time or distance alerts (when you reach a value you set, you get an alert)
• Functional threshold power (FTP) (with compatible accessories)
• Advanced Cycling Dynamics
• MTB Dynamics
• Compatible with cadence and speed sensors
• Compatible with Vector™ and Rally™ (power meter)
• Compatible with ANT+ power meters from third-party providers
• Compatible with Varia™ radar
• Compatible with Varia™ bike lights
• On-device course creator
• On-device location search
• Power Guide
• TrendLine™-Popularity-Routing
• Heatmaps for popular routes (road, gravel, touring, MTB)
• Integrated Trailforks-Traildate
• Pin drop navigation from iOS Maps
• E-Bike routing

• Edge® remote control
• Varia™ remote control
• Electronic shifting system (ANT+)*
• SHIMANO Di2 Synchro Shift integration
• Smart trainer operation
• SRAM AXS™ integration
• External display (GARMIN watches can share data pages with the Edge®)

* Note:
For SHIMANO Di2, you may need the SHIMANO ANT+ sensor SM-EW-WU111 for integration into the E-Tube system (Prod. code 2238564)

GARMIN Connect™ features:
• Synchronisation (transmission of training sessions) via Bluetooth Smart via smartphone or via cable with your PC/Mac
• Save, analyse, plan and share activities in social networks
• Live Tracking feature: show your friends or family your position in real time
• Grouptrack: track current position of your group members during your activity
• Upload training data
• Training plans:
• Map view
• Daily overview
• Diagram overviews
• Online challenges
• Comment the activities of other users

Smartphone compatibility of the GARMIN Connect™ app (system requirements): http://www.garmin.com/en-GB/ble

GARMIN Connect IQ™ features:
• Create individual display designs, integration of smartphone photos as display background
• Download apps and widgets for additional features
• Connect IQ™ Shop on the device
• Customise data fields

Technical details:
• Display: transflective TFT colour display
• Power Glass solar charging
• Display size: 3.5” (8.9 cm)
• Display resolution: 282 x 470 pixels
• Battery: integrated lithium-ion battery
• Compatible with GARMIN Charge Power Pack (prod. code: 2265666)
• Control: touchscreen + three buttons
• Compatible with ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart (BLE) sensors
• Interfaces: Bluetooth®, ANT+®, WLAN
• Protection category: IPX7 (protection against temporary submersion)
• Operating temperature range: -20 ºC to 60 ºC (-4 ºF to 140 ºF)
• Charging temperature range: 0 ºC to 45 ºC (32 ºF to 113 ºF)
• Dimensions: approx. 59.3 x 117.6 x 20 mm
• Weight: approx. 134 g (only device)

Maps and memory:
• Option to add maps: yes
• Base map: pre-installed bicycle map:
• Internal memory: 64 GB
• Waypoints: 200
• Routes 100 routes
• Activity memory: up to 200 hours

Battery life:
• Multiband GPS mode: up to 45 hours*
• Energy-saving mode: up to 100 hours*
(The battery life depends on the usage and the settings selected)

* Note:
*Assuming outdoor use in 75,000 LUX lighting conditions (a cloudless sunny day reaches up to 100,000 LUX, a cloudy sky about 20,000 LUX)

In the box:
• 1 GARMIN Edge® 1040 Solar GPS bike computer
• 1 GARMIN standard mount
• 1 GARMIN Aero-combination handlebar mount
• 1 MTB handlebar mount
• 1 silicone cover black
• 1 power supply/charger (USB power adapter NOT included)
• 1x mounting strap
• 1 quick start manual/documentation

Heart rate:
Power in watts:
Compatible with ANT+:
Smart Notifications:
Display light:
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Edge® 1040 Solar GPS Bike Computer

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Edge® 1040 Solar GPS Bike Computer

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