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Heavily discounted clearance items, discontinued models, previous year's models, showroom bikes and used bikes

In our bicycle sale you will find our top models at greatly reduced prices. Whether mountain bike, e-bike, road bike, gravel bike, hybrid bike, cyclocross bike or travel bike - there is something for everyone. The listed sale bicycles include remaining stock, discontinued models, previous year's models, showroom or used bikes, which we offer exclusively in our online bicycle sale at a particularly low price.

Some of the bicycles in our online clearance sale are unique pieces, only available in selected sizes or with special equipment. Since our offer is constantly changing, we recommend visiting this sale page regularly. That way you can really save when buying your bike.

Please note that we cannot always offer bicycles from all categories and in all sizes. However, we try to provide as large a selection of two-wheelers as possible, at a bargain price.

MTB Sale

Check out our mountain bike sale, with a selection of low-price hardtail and full-suspension / fully mountain bikes, made of aluminium or carbon. From the BMX for the pump track to the E-MTB for extra power on the trail - here you will find your mountain bike at a bargain price. Hurry to get yourself a ROSE Bike before it is sold out again!

Road Bike Sale

Our road bike sale offers you a selection from the road bike category at greatly reduced prices. Whether you prefer disc or rim, derailleur or electric shifting systems - these sales include affordable racing bikes with the usual ROSE level of quality. On our sale shop for road bikes, anyone can find what they are looking for.

Gravel Bike Sale

Our BACKROAD gravel bikes are in high demand, whether as carbon, aluminium or electric versions. If a model makes it into the sale section, you’ll have to be fast! With a little luck you can get a clearance item, last year's model, a showroom bike or used gravel bike at a bargain price.

Cyclocross Sale

The popular cyclocross bicycles for mud and sludge are real all-rounders. You can even ride this bike through rain and snow. The cyclocross bike sale regularly has a selection of inexpensive cyclocross bikes in selected sizes. If you're quick, you can get a real bargain.

Hybrid Bike Sale

For anyone who wants to be comfortable in the city and also on tours, the hybrid bike is the perfect solution. In our sale you will find discounted city bikes and hybrid bikes for every purpose.

Travel Bike Sale

Do you want to take your bike with you on a big journey? Then stop by our sale for travel bicycles. Here we regularly list discounted clearance items, exhibition bikes or used bikes, which you can buy particularly at very low prices. This way, your travel budget is safe.

Just click through our sale and find your perfect bike at an affordable price.

Please note that we do not have bikes from all categories and all sizes or colours on sale at all times. So keep checking the page as our bike sales are constantly changing.