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The latest Predator Flex generation by Zoggs promises a great fit and ultimate comfort. The proven swimming goggles come with lenses that are perfectly adapted for different light conditions in indoor swimming pools or open water. Whereas the Predator Flex with clear lenses ensure a clear view in low light, the tinted lenses reduces excess brightness. Besides, the mirrored Predator Flex Titanium goggles offer added protection from reflected light and glare from the water's surface. Tinted, polarized models like Predator Flex Polarized and Ultra offer a perfect view in all light conditions and especially stand out for filtering intensive sunlight and light reflections. The copper-tinted Predator Flex Polarized Ultra even repel blue light for enhanced visual sharpness and improved depth perception.
Yet, brightness adjustments and UV protection are only one part of the perfect swimming goggles. What’s more, they should be ergonomic, tight, reliable and comfortable to wear. The seals of the Predator Flex feature the optimized Ultra-Fit technology to better adapt to your face shape. The 4 Flexpoint Technology used on the nose bridge and a split-yoke strap on the aerodynamic frame ensure a perfect fit of the goggles. Besides, the silicone strap allows for quick length adjustment.

· All-round goggles for in- and outdoor
· Flowing frame shape
· Flexpoints
· Adapts to your face shape
· Curved Lens Technology for 180° peripheral vision
· UV protection 400 (100% UVA and UVB)
· Fogbuster™ anti-fog lenses for a clear view
· Split silicone strap
· Quick Adjust Strap for easy length adjustment
· Flexible V-Groove strap connection
· FINA approved
· Incl. bag

· Frame: plastic
· Seal: silicone
· Lens: plastic (cellulose propionate)
· Strap: silicone


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