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Zoggs Predator Flex Polarized Reactor Swimming Goggles

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As an all-round swimming goggle for all light conditions, the Predator Flex Polarized Reactor by Zoggs combines polarized lenses with self-tinting properties and high comfort. Thus, you’ll enjoy best vision when training indoors, under cloudy sky or outdoors in bright sunlight. The goggles’ photochromic lenses immediately react to prevailing light conditions and tint the lenses according to the brightness. Yet, the polarized lenses not only reduce glare and light reflections on water, but also increase visual sharpness and enhance contrasts for improved perception of depth and shadow, thanks to a blue light filter. This guarantees an undistorted clear 180° field of vision when swimming in open waters, while reducing eye fatigue caused by continuous changes in brightness.

Thus, the flexible Polarized Reactor is a perfect choice for open water swimmers and triathletes who want to go into the water at any time and in any weather without having to worry about their swimming goggles. Apart from automatic lens tinting, contrast reinforcement and UV protection, the Predator Flex goggles impress with first-class comfort. Four flexible Flexpoints on the elastic nose bridge and the flexible headband connections of the streamlined frame ensure a perfect fit. Besides, pressure may be adjusted by changing the length of the wide split silicone strap. Thanks to the optimized Ultra-Fit technology, the silicone seals adapt even better to the eye socket to provide the safety you need in competitions.

• Self-tinting swimming goggles for all light conditions
• With polarisation filter
• Low light = clear lenses, bright light = tinted lenses
• Robust Wiro Frame with Bio-Tech technology
• 4 flexible Flexpoints for individual adjustment
• Ultra Fit with soft silicone seals
• Flexible, shape-retaining nose bridge
• Curved Lens Technologie (CLT) with undistorted 180° peripheral vision thanks to curved lenses
• Fogbuster™ anti-fog protection for clear vision
• UV 400 protection blocks 99-100% of harmful UV rays
• Flexible V-Groove headband connection
• Pulley system with easily adjustable double band strap
• Quick Adjust Strap for easy length adjustment
• Approved by the International Swimming Federation FINA

• Frame: plastic
• Seals/nose bridge/headband: silicone
• Lens: plastic (cellulose propionate)
• Head strap: silicone

In the box:
• Predator Flex Polarized Reactor swimming goggles
• Hard case


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Predator Flex Polarized Reactor Swimming Goggles

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