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    Rotor 2INpower power meter

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    Rotor 2INpower power meter 170mm

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    The Rotor 2INpower crank-based power meter offers ambitious athletes and pros a dual-sided power measurement thanks to a combined strain gauge system in crank axle and right crank arm. Four strain gauges placed in the right crank arm and four in the crank axle independently measure left and right side power, analyse the values and transmit all data on power, cadence, balance, torque efficiency and pedal smoothness to the end device. The data can either be transferred to a smartphone with a respective cycling app via SmartBluetooth (update required) or to a bike computer via ANT+. Besides, the 2IN power power meter comes with a special analysis software that can even help you find the perfect pedalling technique when used on a desktop computer or notebook (PC or Mac). Graphical tools like OCA (optimum chainring angle) and Torque 360 help you assess force variations in your pedal stroke. Based on a power analysis, the OCA system also helps you to find the perfect OCP set-up (optimum chainring position) of oval Q-rings (not included).

    · Bold circle diameter: 110 mm/5-arm
    · Material: aluminium 7055, CNC treated, trinity drilled crank arms
    · ANT+ data transfer to bike computer or GPS device, e.g. Edge 1000 (item no.: 2097310)
    · BluetoothSmart data transfer to a smartphone or bike computer (only possible after the update of Autumn 2016)
    · Double sided measurement
    · Electronics placed inside the crank axle for best protection
    · Measurement of cadence (without magnet), power in watts (Ø, max.), torque effectiveness (ratio of average torque to maximum torque in %), pedal smoothness (smooth pedal stroke), left/right leg balance
    · 2INpower software to optimize your performance and to adjust the Q-ring position, available on www.inpower.rotorbike.com (Please note: The PC/laptop you would like to use the software with should have an ANT+ interfacem an ANT+ dongle is not included. An ANT+ dongle such as item no.: 2098276 is also required for firmware updates.)
    · Fast and easy calibration without tools
    · Lithium-ion battery, charged via USB cable
    · Resistant to temperature changes and waterproof
    · Chainline: 43,5 mm
    · BB30 axle with Ø 30 mm
    · Compatible with the following frame standards: BSA (68 mm, 1,37 x 24 mm) and ITA (70 mm, 26 x 24 mm) you'll need the optionally available bottom bracket with item no. 2104328, Pressfit BB 86 (86.5 x 41 mm) item no. 2097143, PF 30 (68 x 46 mm), BB 386 Evo (86 x 46 mm), BB Right (79 x 42 mm or 79 x 46 mm) item no. 2111054 - BB 30 (68/73 x 42 mm) directly without bottom bracket cups, compatible bottom brackets optionally available


    8434366006338 (black 170mm)
    8434366006345 (black 172,5mm)
    8434366006352 (black 175mm)
    Valmistajan tuotenumero:
    C13-026-19010-001 (black 170mm)
    ROCKIP2+SC170BB (black 170mm)
    C13-026-20010-001 (black 172,5mm)
    ROCKIP2+SC172BB (black 172,5mm)
    C13-026-21010-00 (black 175mm)
    ROCKIP2+SC175BB (black 175mm)

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    Rotor 2INpower power meter

    170mm 172,5mm 175mm
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