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Tune STARKES STÜCK seatpost

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The Tune STARKES STÜCK seat post is a clear statement for ultra-robust lightweight construction. With a weight of a mere 180 g, it is superior in terms of weight reduction, yet without compromising on stability: The inner profile of the tube wall is reinforced where it is necessary with regard to load.
Thanks to a low offset, the nice piece of aluminium from the Black Forest is perfect for steep head angles to perfectly use your power as pedalling energy. It's an ultra-light seat post for road bikes, MTBs, cross country and marathon bikes. Of course, it allows for a precise adjustment of the saddle position, thanks to a 2-bolt carbon rocker head. Besides, the scale construction of the head makes sure that the saddle won't tilt even if the bolts become loose. Last but not least, the anodized black, high-gloss finish on the back comes with a laser-printed scale, so that you can quickly find your individual saddle height.

· Diameter: 27,2 mm
· CNC machined/CNC milled, anodized, laser-engraved
· Max. insertion depth: 210 mm (340 mm), 290 mm (420 mm)
· Made in Germany

· Tube, claws, bars: aluminium 7075
· Rocker: carbon
· Bolts: TiAl6V4 titanium

Weight: approx. 180 g (340 mm), 215 g (420 mm)

· Seat post
· Bars
· rocker
· 2 clamps
· 2 titanium bolts (M6x0,75x55 mm)

Manufacturer's ref.: BST01272sw (340 mm), BST02272sw (420 mm)

Note: Slide at least 90 mm of the seat post into the seat tube.


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