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tubolito Tubo CX/Gravel 700C Cross ultra-light tube Presta

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Lightweight, wide, strong. As a robust lightweight, the Tubo-CX/Gravel tube by Tubolito is perfect for fast-paced cross-country races on wider tyres. Once fitted to your cross bike, this robust plastic tube offers low rolling resistance while compensating for the additional weight of knobby all-round tyres. The installation is a child’s play for all those who have already fitted a bicycle tube before.

So if you don’t want to convert to a tubeless system, you can raise the performance of your tyres to a new level with the Tubo polymer tube. Apart from the clear benefits regarding weight and rolling resistance, the tube’s proven double puncture protection is also impressive compared to standard tubes. In case you should have a flat nevertheless, the seamlessly welded tube is easy to repair with the Tubo Flix repair kit (product code 2268268). As the orange plastic tube has a tiny pack size, it even fits into any pocket to serve as a spare tube in case of emergency.

· Shape-retaining 28-inch ultra-light tube
· With 42mm or 60 mm Presta valve
· For 700C road clincher and folding tyres
· Tyre width: 30-40 mm
· ETRTO: 30-622 bis 40-622
· Suitable for disc and rim brakes
· Enormous weight savings compared to standard tubes
· Seamless body
· Highly packable
· Designed, developed and made in Europe
· Recyclable
· Material: thermoplastic elastomer
· Weight: approx. 54 g (30-622), 55 g (40-622)

Note: The Tubo cannot be repaired with conventional vulcanising solutions. A tight seal through the use of sealant cannot be guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Tip: With a width of 40 mm, the Tubo-CX/Gravel can also be used on touring bikes to benefit from reduced weight and increased resistance.


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330 000 50
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Tubo CX/Gravel 700C Cross ultra-light tube Presta

Sclaverandv. 42mm

I bought a pair of these tubes. One of tubes had a faulty valve that could hold pressure only up to 2 bars.

Tubo CX/Gravel 700C Cross ultra-light tube Presta

Sclaverandv. 42mm

Sehr leicht und hat bisher alles mitgemacht auf meinem Backroad Gravel. Waldweg, schnelle Schotterpassagen, leichte Trails. War alles dabei

Tubo CX/Gravel 700C Cross ultra-light tube Presta

Sclaverandv. 42mm

Ich find die Dinger furchtbar, geplatzter Ventilsitz, plötzlicher Luftverlust, sehr Gefährlich! Sind wieder zurück gegangen, beide kaputt

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