X-Lite Team Four Team Edition

The Puncheurz are a team of young talents from Hamburg. They all share their love-hate relationship with cycling. They all train hard and want to achieve peak performances. Yet, they all have the idea of combining hard training and tough competitions with mere leisure cycling. Without bike computer. Without heart rate monitor. Without worrying about a thing. Just riding. The focus is on peak performance. However, they also want to enjoy the fun and freedom on the bike. In 2019, the team of 5 young athletes wants to participate in German Bundesliga races, the German championships, a tour and many other road races – including international ones. They at least want to win one event and get three places on the podium.

The Heizomat team offers young and talented athletes the opportunity to take part in big competitions, improve their performance and to make a name for themselves with professional guidance and instructions. The Heizomat rad-net.de team starts the 2019 season with 16 German road cyclists. Under the motto “Go for Gold”, the road cyclists will take part in national and international cycle races in Germany, as well as in top-class competitions like European championships, World Cup races and world championships on track and road. To achieve the goals set, our UCI Continental team has clear values: Team spirit, commitment, honesty and openness are not only important for the team management, but also essential to master the challenges ahead.