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Armour 3-in-1 puncture protection inlay for 28“ hybrid tyres

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Armour 3-in-1 puncture protection inlay for 28“ hybrid tyres


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The triple protection against punctures and pinch flats.

The Tannus Armour puncture protection is a solution to the most common problems of bicycle tubes. What’s more, it ensures more grip as well as an extra portion of comfort. It was originally designed for strongly stressed bikes, such as e-bikes, cargo bikes, travel bikes or bike sharing fleets that have no room for flat tyres, due to their continuous use. Now, with the 700 x 35 – 40 C version, road bikes, cross bikes or gravel bikes, too, can benefit from the reliable puncture protection.

The light foam layer is mounted between tyre and inner tube and surrounds the tube down to the rim base. The Tannus Armour adds near 360° protection from glass, thorns and sharp rocks. In addition to this, the cushioning layer allows you to ride with lower air pressure and generate thus more grip and comfort, without having to worry about punctures and bent rims.

Millions of tiny air bubbles provide additional shock and vibration cushioning in the Aither 1.1 polymer foam by Tannus. The special material ensures a significantly smoother ride over rough roads and gravel tracks. Even if you run out of air for once, this will be no problem: With the foam insert, you can ride on at low speed for a limited period – which will spare you pushing your bike on the last metres.

Please note that the puncture protection inserts require space inside the tyre and you will therefore require a smaller tube. For compatible tube sizes, please see the Specs.

In order to fully benefit from the advantages regarding grip and cushioning, Tannus recommends reducing the usual air pressure of road bikes by about one third. For mountain bikes, however, Tannus recommends reducing the air pressure by approx. 0,4 bar compared to tubeless systems and approx. 0,7 bar compared to standard tube systems.

• 3 in 1 puncture protection insert for 28“ tyres
• Installation between tube and tyre
• Surrounding protection from punctures and pinch flats
• Optimised profile with material thicknesses from approx. 2 – 15 mm
• Smooth and comfortable ride
• Prevents deformations caused by lateral forces even with low air pressure
• Better traction thanks to lower air pressure
• Aither 1.1 polymer foam for improved shock and vibration cushioning
• Allows riding on after breakdowns for up to 10 km/h (for a limited period)
• Pinch protection when installing tube
• Can be easily removed and used again, recyclable
• Designed for mileages of up to +10.000 km

• Material: Aither 1.1 polymer foam
• Material thickness approx. 13 – 15 mm tread protection, approx. 2 – 5 mm side protection, approx. 2 mm rim protection
• Compatible tyre sizes: 700 x 35 – 40 C / 35-622 -> 40-622
• Compatible tube sizes: 700 x 20 – 28 C / 20-622 -> 28-622
• Inner rim width: approx. 19 – 25 mm
• Weight: approx. 260g/piece

In the box:
• 1 x Tannus Armour puncture protection foam insert 700 x 35 – 40 C

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Armour 3-in-1 puncture protection inlay for 28“ hybrid tyres

Es war mir nach über einer Stunde absolut unmöglich den Schlauch gerade zu montieren. Der Refen hatte immer Schlagseite. Schade. Die Idee war gut.

Armour 3-in-1 puncture protection inlay for 28“ hybrid tyres

Der Pannenschutz lässt sich vergleichsweise einfach in den Reifen einlegen. Es ist darauf zu achten, dass für die übliche Reifengröße ein kleinerer Schlauch zu verwenden ist, da der Pannenschutz einen großen Teil des Innenraums benötigt. Die Schlauchgröße ist auf dem Pannenschutz angegeben. 622 18-28 (wenn ich mich recht erinnere).
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Armour 3-in-1 puncture protection inlay for 28“ hybrid tyres


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