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Sigma ROX 12.0 Sport GPS bike computer

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You are always looking for the best route? The ROX 12.0 Sport cycling computer is the perfect addition to the ROX product family promising innovative map navigation, easy to read OSM maps and professional training analysis. The GPS device in a smartphone design not only looks different than its monochrome siblings. The compact all-rounder is not only available in a grey and white standard version, but can also be equipped with brightly coloured cases with coloured buttons (e.g. product 2278539). The case fits tight inside the handlebar mount meeting the Garmin standard and thus pimps your cockpit. The brilliant 3” colour display and its tough case is either operated via touchscreen or via six large buttons. The menu navigation is as simple as you know it from your smartphone. There’s even a home button to directly return to the main menu.

Apart from routing, the ROX 12.0 also offers a professional training system. As an alternative to predefined training screens, you can customize one to ten data fields on the display. You can swipe left and right on the touchscreen to change data pages. The innovative hardware and the enormous range of features are a quantum leap in route planning, data communication and analysis. With contemporary features like an integrated GPS receiver, a 3-axis compass, a barometric altimeter and an ambient light sensor for automatic backlight adjustments, the ROX is a state-of-the-art piece.

You can create routes via the Sigma Link app or directly on the ROX 12.0 entering an address, coordinates, POIs or a user defined point on the map. The Draw my Route feature allows you to draw a circle on the map and yet benefit from precise routing. It has got 8 GB of internal memory full of European map material. In combination with an integrated Micro SD slot, you have enough space for a wide range of worldwide maps that are available for free download. At last, you can not only plan your routes directly on the device, but also download tracks from routing apps like Strava, Komoot, GPSies, TrainingPeaks and more via WiFi or USB. If there’s no WiFi available, you can also use your smartphone as a hotspot.

The same applies to trainings and workouts that can either be planned on the ROX 12.0 or via TrainingPeaks. A particularly helpful app for connection to the SIGMA data center and more web services is the SIGMA Link app that allows you to plan your training or store, upload and analyse your ride data in the SIGMA cloud. The Rox 12.0 can be paired with external sensors via Plug & Play with ANT+ and Bluetooth (Rotor power meter) to get information on your heart rate, speed, cadence, power or gears of electronic shifting systems like Shimano Di2, Sram eTap and Campagnolo EPS.

Thanks to innovative navigation functions, a user-friendly operation and a direct integration of sensors and web services, the ROX 12.0 is an extremely interesting high-end GPS device. The optionally available kit including a Sigma R1 Duo Comfortex+ heart rate chest strap and a Sigma R2 Duo Combo speed and cadence sensor (product code 2276206) allows you to see not only the data of your current route on the screen but also your performance values, and helps you analyse the data tracked. Be a Roxstar!

· Satellite-based bike computer
· 8 GB internal memory (up to 128 GB with optional SD card)
· Transflectiv colour display with touchscreen for best readability
· Made from robust gorilla glass
· Display size: 3"
· Resolution: 240 x 400 Pixels
· Backlight manual/auto
· Replaceable case and buttons
· GPS / GLONASS satellite system
· Digital 3-axis compass
· Barometric altimeter
· Ambient light sensor
· Battery life: up to 16 hours (in energy saving mode up to 40 hours)
· Charging time: approx. 3 hours
· Temperature range for charging: 0 °C to +50 °C
· Protection standard: IP67 (dustproof, 30 minutes protection from freshwater up to 1m deep)
· Power supply: lithium-ion battery, Micro USB charging socket
· WiFi, ANT+, Bluetooth Smart connectivity
· Supports power meters via ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart (Rotor power meters only)
· Compatible with Shimano Di2, SRAM eTap and Campagnolo EPS V3 Interface
· Support for e-bike functions
· Preinstalled OSM maps of Europe (20 countries)
· Worldwide maps available for free download
· Strava Live Segments
· Unlimited number of tracks (depending on memory)
· MicroSD card slot up to 128 GB
· Temperature range for operation: -10 °C to +60 °C
· Compatible with Sigma GPS Mount
· Incl. handlebar and stem mount (Ø 22 - 38 mm)
· Dimensions: approx. 60 x 115 x 17 mm (incl. mount)
· Weight: approx. 125 g

WiFi connectivity:
· Direct connection to the apps Strava, komoot, GPSies and TrainingPeaks
· Direct connection to SIGMA CLOUD, SIGMA LINK app and SIGMA DATA CENTER

· 9 routing possibilities by entering an address, coordinates, POIs or a user defined point on the map and navigating from there, Draw my Route, Previous Destinations, Favourites, Tracks, Activities
· 3 suggested routes: recommended, easy, short
· Personalizable route preferences: main streets, unpaved roads, cycling paths
· Direct access to tracks of third-party providers (in some cases with premium account only): Strava, komoot, GPSies
· Download of tracks from Sigma Data Center: SIGMA CLOUD (WiFi), Micro USB
· Download of tracks (.GPX): Micro USB

· Pre-set rider profiles: Road, MTB, Cycling, Indoor cycling
· Unlimited, customizable rider profiles (depending on memory)
· Customizable training views: up to 6 data pages
· 30 different training views to choose from
· 150 training values
· Interval training (workouts)
· Strava Live Segments (paid Summit account required)
· Alert function for eating, drinking
· Graphical data analysis on smartphone with Sigma Link App for iOS / Android, on PC / Mac (via Sigma Data Center)

Navigation functions:
· Map view
· Time to target, estimated time of arrival (ETA)
· Distance to destination
· Direction of travel
· Navigation alerts (visual and audio)

Bike functions:
· Current/average/maximum speed
· Trip distance
· Total distance
· Trip time
· Total time
· Training time
· Duration
· Calories
· Date and time
· Current/minimum/maximum temperature
· Current/average/maximum cadence (optional)
· Current/average/maximum pedalling efficiency (optional)

Altitude functions:
· Altitude (current/max.)
· Uphill gradient in %
· Current rate of climb in m/min
· Graphical height profile
· Metres uphill/downhill
· Distance uphill/downhill
· Training time uphill/downhill
· Average speed uphill/downhill
· Average rate of climb/downhill
· Max. rate of climb/downhill
· Average slope uphill/downhill
· Maximum slope uphill/downhill

Lap and auto-lap functions:
· Number of laps
· Lap time
· Lap distance
· Current/average/maximum speed per lap
· Calories per lap
· Current/average/maximum altitude
· Metres uphill/downhill
· Average slope uphill/downhill per lap
· Average climb rate/fall rate per lap
· Average balance per lap
· Average/maximum power per current/last lap
· Normalized Power in current/last lap
· Average/maximum cadence per lap
· Average/maximum heart rate per lap
· Pedalling time/pedalling index in lap
· List of laps

Power functions (optional sensor required):
· Current/average balance
· 3/10/30 second average balance
· Pedal Smoothness
· Current/average/maximum power
· Output in % FTP
· 3/10/30 second average power
· Intensity Factor (IF), Normalized Power (NP) or Training Stress Score (TSS)
· Power in KJ
· Power ratio watt/kg
· Power zones
· Torque Effectiveness (right % / left %)
· 7 power zones (graphics)
· Rotor Power (OCA, OCP, average OCA, average OCP, graphics)

Heart rate functions (with sensor):
· Minimum/current/maximum/average heart rate
· Current/average % HRmax
· Zone Bar (HR/CAD/SPD) (graphics)
· Intensity zones
· Heart rate graph

Status display:
· GPS accuracy
· Battery capacity (%)
· Sunrise/sunset

Functions Sigma Data Center:
· Display of data and statistical evaluation based on kind of sport and person
· Individual memory evaluation
· Comparison of 2 individual memories
· Overview of total values
· Dashboard for a fast overview
· Log View for graphical evaluation of training sessions
· Display of defined time periods (week/month) with calendar, statistics or graphics
· Sync manager
· Printing of all evaluations
· Note functions
(SIGMA DATA CENTER software for PC (Windows/Mac), smartphone and tablet (Android(iOS= available for free at www.sigma-data-center.com. Please pay attention to the system requirements and communications requirements/possibilities.)

In the box:
· Sigma ROX 12.0 Sport bike computer
· Garmin compatible handlebar mounts (product code 2254606) and Sigma Butler (product code: 2278600)
· Sigma Micro USB cable (product code 1909966)

The Sigma Rox 12.0 is also available in a kit including the Sigma sensors R1 and R2 Duo for heart rate and cadence measurement (product code: 2276206).
Case and buttons are replaceable. For matching cases see e.g. product code 2278539.


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ROX 12.0 Sport GPS bike computer

sehr zufrieden mit dem Gerät, hält was es verspricht und ist sehr individuell anpassbar.

ROX 12.0 Sport GPS bike computer

Super Fahrradnavi 👍

ROX 12.0 Sport GPS bike computer

Ich kann den Sigma Rox 12.0 Sport nur empfehlen, einfach ein tolles Gerät. Ich hatte bisher den Sigma Rox 7.0 und war damit auch sehr zufrieden. Daher kam für mich nur ein neuer Sigma in Frage. Der Rox 12.0 ist super leicht in der Bedienung und hat einfach nur tolle Einstellungen, großes Display um möglichst viele Daten zubekommen. Das Display ist gestochen Scharf und Navigation macht einfach Spaß. Großes Lob an Sigma für dieses tolle Geräte. Vielen Dank

ROX 12.0 Sport GPS bike computer

ich muss mich immer noch an das Gerät gewöhnen, manche Einstellungen habe ich immer noch nicht begriffen, mir fehlt eine ansprechbare Nutzer-Community

ROX 12.0 Sport GPS bike computer


ROX 12.0 Sport GPS bike computer

En panne après seulement trois sorties! Achat fortement déconseillé.

ROX 12.0 Sport GPS bike computer

Ich schreibe mit meinem schlechten Deutsch von Frankreich.
Ich habe für erste Mal, ein Sigma Produkt gekauften. Ich bin sehr froh. Alles ist sehr gut, Material, Funktion…
Danke noch

ROX 12.0 Sport GPS bike computer

Sehr gutes Navi für den Preis.
Schade nur das man keine Hausnummern eingeben.
Ansonsten echt ein Top Gerät!

ROX 12.0 Sport GPS bike computer

Hab das Rox 12 nun einmal getestet. Es hat tadellos navigiert. Auch wenn man die Route verlassen hat. Einfache Bedienung und sehr übersichtliche Darstellung.

ROX 12.0 Sport GPS bike computer

Firmware 1.20.070. Manchmal weniger ist eben mehr! Sigma bietet weniger Funktionen, als der bei mir im Müll gelandete Edge 830 (versprach sehr viel, eingehalten war fast nichts. Schade!), aber die in besserer Qualität. Die Menüstruktur lässt sich sehr einfach bedienen, bestimmte Funktionen wiederholen sich an mehreren Stellen, wo die ebenfalls in die Logik passen. Dies macht die Bedienung sehr bequem und schnell. Ebenfalls sehr bequem sind die Bedienungsknöpfe (mit Touchscreen kombiniert) auf holprigen Straßen. Verbindungsprobleme habe ich nicht erfahren, Absturz gab es auch nicht. Routen werden sehr schnell und richtig kalkuliert. Zu bemängeln gibt es eigentlich wenig: die Kartendearstellung sollte kontrastreicher sein - die Ablesbarkeit leidet unter den ansonsten schönen Pastellfarben und bei der Routenerstellung ist der Ausgangspunkt immer die aktuelle Position. Bei einem so starken Hardware und guten Kalkulationsfähigkeiten sollte man bei bestimmten Routenerstellungen nicht unbedingt an Internet gebunden sein. Dennoch 5 Sterne, ich kann endlich aufs Radfahren und nicht auf die Probleme mit der Technik konzentrieren!