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LOCKMAXX CL 100-K and CL-120 Chain Lock Set

Tuotenumero: 229075101

38,50 OVH 44,90 €

Hinta sis. ALV plus 9,95 € (toimituksesta maahan Suomi)

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This set including our ROSE LOCKMAXX CL 100-K (product code: 2290747) chain lock and our ROSE CL-120 plug-in chain (product code: 2290732) gives thieves a tough time.

LOCKMAXX CL 100-K Chain Lock:

Play it safe with our ROSE CL 100-K!
The chain lock is approx. 1 m long, features 10 mm thick links and comes with a mini U-lock, so that it scares off potential thieves right away.
At the same time, the massive bike lock is flexible enough to easily secure your bike to fixed objects. A robust textile sleeve protects your bike from paint damage while a rotating cover on the U-lock effectively protects the cylinder from the elements and dust. This makes it easy to insert the keys into the lock, even after frequent use.

ROSE Security Level:
• 7 out of 9 (high security)

• Heavy-duty, round steel chain with durable textile sleeve and extremely robust padlock
• Manual dust cover protects cylinder
• Can only be closed with key inserted – no accidental locking
• Including four keys

• Chain length: approx. 100 cm
• 10 mm hardened round steel chain
• Shackle dimensions (inner): approx. 55 x 60 mm (W x H)
• Steel shackle thickness: approx. 14 mm
• Weight: approx. 2,490 g (total)

LOCKMAXX CL120 Plug-In Chain:

Our robust ROSE LOCKMAXX CL120 plug-in steel chain is made up of 6x6 mm square chain links and comes with a paint-friendly textile cover as well as with a loop at each end. When used together with our ROSE LOCKMAXX CL 100-K chain lock, you’ll get a flexible, yet robust unit to reliably protect your bike and accessories from theft.

• 6 x 6 mm hardened steel square chain with double loop
• Robust fabric sleeve protects from paint damage

• Length: approx. 120 cm
• 6 x 6 mm hardened steel square chain
• Weight: approx. 1175 g

In the box:
• 1x ROSE LOCKMAXX CL 100-K chain lock
• 1x ROSE LOCKMAXX mini U-lock
• 1x ROSE LOCKMAXX CL120 plug-in chain
• 4x reversible keys

When attaching the lock and/or chain to your frame while riding, they should not affect the safe use of the bicycle. Make sure the lock chain does not come in contact with rotating parts of your bike.

The ROSE Security Level only applies to the LOCKMAXX CL 100-K chain lock.

Key operated:
Security level: high:
Smartphone operated:
Code operated:
Security level: low:
Security level: medium:
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