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Powerful and modern through the urban jungle

Your colour matt-black/piano-black/pure-white

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Your frame size

this is how you calculate your frame size

this is how you calculate your frame size



Maantie/Gravel Jalan sisämitta x 0,66 = Runkokoko senttimetreinä
MTB Jalan sisämitta x 0,226 = Runkokoko tuumina
Jalan sisämitta x 0,61 = Runkokoko senttimetreinä
Jalan sisämitta x 0,24 = Runkokoko tuumina
Jalan sisämitta x 0,61 = Runkokoko senttimetreinä
Jalan sisämitta x 0,24 = Runkokoko tuumina
Jalan sisämitta x 0,885 = Satulan korkeus kaikilla pyörätyypeillä

Jos mittasi osuu täsmälleen kahden runkokoon väliin, sinulla on kaksi vaihtoehtoa. 1) Valitse pienempi runkokoko, jos pidät kilpatyylisestä ajoasennosta. 2) Valitse suurempi runkokoko, jos haluat rennomman ajoasennon.

Katso videostamme vinkit oikean runkokoon määrittämiseen. Selitämme miten mittaat helposti hartialeveyden, haaramitan ja käsivarren pituuden itse.
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5 209,06 €

Hinta sis. ALV plus 89,00 € (toimituksesta maahan Suomi)

  • Built in Bocholt, Germany
  • Best quality for the best price
  • 6-year Crash Replacement on ROSE frames and ROSE forks

Rediscover commuting! The BACKROAD+ Urban makes your sporting life so much easier. Effortlessly ride past the traffic jam thanks to Shimano EP8. Whether it's the morning commute to work or a spontaneous after-work ride to the lake – thanks to the flat bar, lighting system, and luggage racks, everything is possible at any time of day.

  • Paino
    ca. 17,03 kg*
  • Frame material
  • Akun kapasiteetti
    360 Wh
  • Highlights
    Shimano EP8, 85 Nm

Active and effortless at the same time

This ROSE e-bike is the perfect sporty alternative to a car. The individually adjustable power of the Shimano EP8 lets you glide effortlessly through everyday life. Thanks to the Shimano equipment you will always find the right gear.


Infinite possibilities in everyday life

The BACKROAD+ Urban is a universal all-rounder. Numerous attachment points and the luggage rack system allow you to attach practical bags for on the road. The matching mudguard set means road water and mud don’t stand a chance.


Balance between sportiness and comfort

Balanced geometry, plenty of flex on the saddle and the sporty tyre/wheel combination make this a comfortable, easy to handle e-bike. The flat bar and clean ROSE Square stem give the bike modern fitness genes and ensure sportiness and control at the same time.

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    With the BACKROAD+ Urban, you'll rediscover commuting for yourself. The modern frame design of this ROSE e-bike platform integrates the battery, motor and cables. Powerful from the first step – in the city, in the country and in the mountains. The BACKROAD+ has everything you expect from a modern gravel bike for the next generation.

    This city e-bike is equipped with sporty Level Nine Race flatbar handlebars and a clean ROSE Square stem as well as a matching Shimano SC-E5003 display. The menu of the cycle computer is simple, compact and clear. The selection between the support modes Eco, Trail & Boost is made via the large and easy to operate buttons on the side of the bike computer.

    Shimano SC-E5003 Display

    • Buttons for selecting the assistance level (up/down)
    • On/Off button for light
    • Menu button for changing the display
    • Range/Distance/Total Distance
    • ADJUST > Setting mode
    • No on/off switch on the display

    The form-fit integrated Shimano EP8 motor delivers a maximum torque of 85 Nm at a weight of just 2.6 kg. Adjustable power allows you, the rider, to enjoy sensitive control and maximum flexibility. Thanks to minimal pedalling resistance, the result is a particularly natural and harmonious riding experience.

    Shimano EP8 Motor

    • Choice of three different modes: Eco, Trail & Boost.
    • 85 Nm torque; the torque assistance being provided depends on the strength of your pedal pressure

    approx. 17.03 kg, may vary by +/- 5 % due to manufacturing tolerances,
    weight for matt-black/piano-black/pure-white frame, size L, without pedals

    Slight paint variances are possible at the fork.

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