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Erinomaiset arvostelut!

Rema Tip Top TT Seal tyre sealant for tubular tyres and tubeless tyres

Tuotenumero: 47300200

normaalihinta 6,95 € alkaen 6,15 Perushinta: 2,46 € / 100ml

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Once inserted, the TT Seal sealant by Rema Tip Top seals small tread damages automatically during the ride and stops air loss in tubular tyres and tubeless tyres within split seconds. Nothing is more annoying than a flat tyre without having a repair kit at hand.

The permanent sealant shouldn’t dry up in tubular and tubeless systems so that an exchange or refilling is unnecessary. Simply fill the required quantity of sealant after unscrewing of the valve insert with the adapter tube and punctures are a thing of the past. Spare yourself a regular control including adding and exchanging the sealant for years to come.

· Preventive sealant for tubular tyres and tubeless tyres with unscrewable valve insert
· Can be filled via the valve (with tube adapter) or directly into the tyre
· Seals damages in the tread up to 2 mm
· Effective over several years
· CO2 compatible
· With corrosion and frost protection up to -25 °C
· Gentle on tyres and rims
· Suitable for carbon rims
· Free from latex and ammonia
· Non-toxic
· Free from CKW/aromatic compounds
· Easy cleaning with water
· Tube adapter included in closing cap
· Recommended filling quantity per tyre approx.: Road 100 ml, Gravel & Cross 125 ml, 26“ & 27,5“ tyre 150-200 ml, 29“ tyre 250 ml

Approved for a maximum speed of 80 km/h.

For larger damages in tubeless tyres, Rema Tip Top Universal Patches for tubeless tyres seal punctures from inside (e.g. product code 2274159).

Hazard and precautionary statements:
Harmful if swallowed. Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, immediately call a doctor and show package or label. Dispense of contents/container in accordance with local, regional regulations.


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TT Seal tyre sealant for tubular tyres and tubeless tyres


Funktioniert 100% ig

TT Seal tyre sealant for tubular tyres and tubeless tyres

1 Liter

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