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Legendaarisen Crankworxin ensimmäinen osakilpailu on aivan nurkan takana. 19. maaliskuuta maailman parhaat alamäkilajien maastopyöräilijät kilpailevat toisiaan vastaan ja esittelevät taitojaan henkeäsalpaavilla tempuilla äärimmäisen vaativilla radoilla Rotoruassa Uudessa-Seelannissa. Myös tänä vuonna kisoissa on mukana ROSE Bikesin ammattiurheilija Lukas Knopf. Saksalaisesta pyöräilijästä on tullut tärkeä persoona lajissa ja hän osallistuu Rotoruan Crankworxiin jo toista kertaa THE BRUCE -dirttipyörällä. Tässä muutamia hänen suosikkituotteistaan!


The CORON AIR SPIN MTB helmet by POC was developed in cooperation with POCs athlete team. Therefore, it offers a perfect combination of performance, p...


POC CRANE Bike Helmet

The CRANE helmet by POC is lightweight, robust, durable and made for daily commutes or BMX riding. The dual-density EPS liner inside provides particul...


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POC TECTAL cycle helmet

The TECTAL MTB helmet by POC offers great protection for the back of the hand thanks to its special shape. In addition, this mountain bike helmet come...

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POC VPD Air+ Tee Protector Shirt

The VPD Air+ Tee by POC offers best protection for riders requiring maximum protection of the back as well as a thin padding and high flexibility arou...

Väri: uranium black

uranium black

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POC Spine VPD Air Vest

The Spine VPD Air Vest by POC is a three-layer protector vest made of breathable and flexible mesh material. This vest follows all your movements, fee...

Väri: uranium black

uranium black

POC Joint VPD System knee protectors

The Joint VPD System knee protectors by POC come with a core made from VPD material. This shock-absorbing foam hardens in case of an impact and return...

Väri: black


POC JOINT VPD AIR elbow protectors

The Joint VPD Air elbow pads have been especially developed for mountain bikers who attach value to minimum protection and prefer to wear lightweight,...

Väri: uranium black

uranium black

POC Ora Bike Goggle

The Ora MTB goggles by POC are designed to meet the requirements and needs of modern mountain bikers. The goggles offer a very wide field of vision, s...

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POC Resistance Pro DH Glove gloves

The Resistance Pro DH cycling gloves by POC combine protection with a perfect grip. Shock-absorbing pads on palm and knuckles as well as slip-resistan...

Väri: uranium black

uranium black

KMC X9SL 9 Speed Chain

As the KMC X9SL chain is lightweight and uses less material without compromising on durability, it is the perfect choice for all 9 speed systems. The...

Väri: silber


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Reverse Seismic Ergo grips

The Reverse Seismic Ergo grips have a shock-absorbing system. The special silicone has a micro vibration filter and a very good cushioning effect. T...

Väri: schwarz/dunkelblau


Reverse Taper grips

The Taper grip by Reverse really fits like a glove! The ergonomic design tapers from 34 mm diameter at the inside to 30 mm at the outside. In this way...

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Reverse chainring bolts set of four

Pimp your bike! With the lightweight and coloured chainring bolts from Reverse Components you can design your crank. The bolts are tightented with two...

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Reverse Comp seat post

The proven Comp aluminium seatpost by Reverse cuts a fine figure on every bike. · Material: aluminium 6061-T6 · Length: 350 mm · 2-bolt clamp · Weigh...


Reverse Base handlebar

The Reverse Base World Cup edition does not come with the standard 9° back sweep, but with a back sweep of 7°. Thanks to this low bend, you can save a...

Reverse E-Element ERGO MTB handlebar 9°

The Element handlebars from the E-Series by Reverse stand out for their high stability. Thanks to the ELEMENT BUTTING technoloy, a low weight is no co...

Väri: schwarz/grau


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Reverse REVERSE headset cap incl. bolt

Features: Weight: 7g Incl. bolt Manufacturer's ref.: 01182 (orange), 01176 (black), 01177 (red), 01178 (dark blue), 01180 (gold), 01181 (lilac), 0118...

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Reverse REVERSE cassette lock ring

· material: aluminium · weight: 7 g · thread: 30.5 x 1" · for Shimano and compatible cassette hubs/cassettes with 11/12-tooth top-gear sprocket

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PowerBar Ride energy bar

- Great taste plus magnesium - The PowerBar Ride bar for hobby athletes with a special mixture of carbohydrate/dietary fibre and magnesium. · 55 g Pl...

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OVH 1,59 € 1,56 

PowerBar Proteinnut 2 protein bar

With the PowerBar Proteinnut 2 protein bar, you can enjoy a protein-rich snack twice. The tear-off package hides a bite-sized protein bar duo for in-b...

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OVH 1,49 € alkaen1,39 

PowerBar Clean Whey protein bar

As the bar comes completely without chocolate coating, you will immediately see what's inside. No matter if you prefer the 45 g or 60 g bar, the after...

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OVH 1,79 € alkaen1,62 

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PowerBar 5 Electrolytes effervescent tablets

PowerBar 5 Electrolytes drink tablets in a handy, practical tube – perfect for transport in your sports bag, jersey or saddle bag. One pack contains 1...

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normaalihinta 4,99 € 4,12  Perushinta: 9,81 € / 100g

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PowerBar ISOACTIVE drink powder

The isotonic PowerBar sports drink with C2MAX. Replenishes your body with the 5 main electrolytes: sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium and chloride....

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normaalihinta 9,99 € alkaen9,21  Perushinta: 15,35 € / kg