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Dynamic chain cleaner

With the Dynamic chain cleaner, you can quickly and effectively remove grease, oil and resin from the chain of your bike. Yet, it is also suitable for...

normaalihinta 6,50 € alkaen5,11  Perushinta: 10,22 € / l

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Finish Line Cross Country chain lube

This synthetic high-performance chain lubricant by Finish Line forms an extra strong protective film, perfect for long cross country rides and tough c...

normaalihinta 5,99 € alkaen4,06  Perushinta: 6,77 € / 100ml

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Brooks Proofide Single leather dressing

The original leather dressing by Brooks in a metal tin. You should regularly treat your Brooks core leather saddle with Proofide to keep it supple. T...

OVH 10,90 € alkaen8,28  Perushinta: 33,12 € / 100g

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Motorex Bike Grease 2000

The Motorex Bike Grease 2000 promises a super-tenacious lubrication. Thus, it is especially designed for the bearings of your bicycle, even though it...


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F100 chain cleaner

Gel formula for powerful and fast chain cleaning, penetrates deeply and binds dirt. Improves running characteristics of the chain. For bicycle chains,...

OVH 13,99 € 10,32  Perushinta: 34,40 € / l

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Muc-Off Muc Off 5 x Premium Brush Kit

High-quality brush kit for the whole bike. With nylon bristles and rubberised handle that won’t slip in extreme conditions. · Soft Washing Brush e.g....

OVH 34,99 € 21,83 

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Brunox Deo suspension fork oil

Increases a suspension fork’s functionality when used regularly. Apply a little Brunox Deo before and after every ride to the sealing rings between up...

normaalihinta 8,10 € 5,11 

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Dynamic chain oil

The dynamic chain oil ensures perfect functioning of daily used bike chains. The lubricant is not resinous and highly adhesive, which makes sure your...

normaalihinta 8,40 € 5,11  Perushinta: 2,04 € / 100ml

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Muc-Off Wash Protect and Lube cleaning kit

The Wash, Protect and Lube cleaning kit by Muc-Off offers everything you need for bicycle care. The kit includes cleaner, lubricant and chain oil and...

OVH 19,99 € 14,54  Perushinta: 10,03 € / l

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Muc-Off Mechanics Gloves

These resistant mechanics gloves are perfect for anyone working on a bicycle and offer protection against most cuts and scratches. Besides, they keep...

Väri: schwarz

normaalihinta 8,99 € 8,28 

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Loctite 243 threadlocker

- For all threads - Thread-locking fluid, medium strength, allows for a removal with standard tools. · Content: 10 ml Hazard and precautionary statem...

12,45  Perushinta: 124,50 € / 100ml

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Muc-Off Chain Cleaner

This high-performance cleaner dissolves even tough dirt on chains, thanks to its special composition. Removes oil, grease and dirt. · Biodegradable ·...

normaalihinta 9,99 € 8,28  Perushinta: 20,70 € / l

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Motorex Dry Power Lube chain lubricant

The Motorex Dry Power Lube forms a protective film on the bicycle chain. It has dust- and dirt-repellent properties, which makes it perfectly suitable...

normaalihinta 6,72 € alkaen6,15  Perushinta: 10,98 € / 100ml

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Finish Line chain cleaner kit incl. Eco Tech and Teflon Plus

Give your chain a treat - quickly and thoroughly. Simply place the cleaning device onto the chain and let the chain run through. 3 rotating brushes an...

normaalihinta 35,99 € 23,91 

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Muc-Off Bike Cleaner & Bike Spray Value Duo Pack

Clean your bike first, then add some protection: In order to combine these two processes effectively and immediately, there is now the Value Duo Pack...

OVH 21,99 € 15,53  Perushinta: 10,35 € / l

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SHIMANO Alfine SG-S700 hub gear oil

Original Shimano rinsing and lubricating oil for Alfine SGS-700 11-speed gear hubs. A change should be carried out after the first 1000 km, after that...

normaalihinta 9,90 € alkaen9,33  Perushinta: 18,66 € / 100ml

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Finish Line Teflon grease

High-quality grease for all bearings. Fine Teflon particles have a friction-reducing effect between metal surfaces; the Trilinium additive provides ex...

normaalihinta 9,99 € 7,24 

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Motorex Easy Clean degreaser

The Motorex Easy Clean degreaser is a highly active, biodegradable cleaner that is especially effective on oily and greasy dirt. The degreaser penetra...

10,32  Perushinta: 20,64 € / l

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Magura Royal Blood mineral oil

The mineral oil for all Magura rim brakes, disc brakes and dropper posts

normaalihinta 6,50 € alkaen5,16 

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Cyclon Bionet Chain Cleaner

Biodegradable cleaner to remove stubborn dirt from the complete bike, also suitable to degrease and clean chains, chainrings and gears. Simply apply t...

normaalihinta 9,95 € alkaen7,76  Perushinta: 10,35 € / l

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