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E-Bike Wash & Lube Set Dry Cleaning and Care Kit
E-Bike Wash & Lube Set Dry Cleaning and Care Kit
E-Bike Wash & Lube Set Dry Cleaning and Care Kit
E-Bike Wash & Lube Set Dry Cleaning and Care Kit

Muc-Off E-Bike Wash & Lube Set Dry Cleaning and Care Kit

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Practical set from Muc-Off for dry cleaning and care of your high-quality e-bike and e-MTB consisting of...

• 1 x E-Bike Waterless Wash Bicycle Cleaner 750ml
• 1 x E-Bike Dry Chain Cleaner 500ml
• 1 x E-Bike Dry Lube chain lubricant for dry and dusty conditions 50ml
• And a high-quality microfibre cloth for streak-free cleaning.

Muc-Off E-Bike Waterless Wash Bicycle Cleaner:

Electronic components and water do not get along. So that you don't have to subject your beloved bike or e-bike to more wet water than absolutely necessary, Muc-Off has developed the E-Bike Waterless Wash bike cleaner. Simple and quick to use, the Dry-Wash bicycle cleaner cleans and polishes in just one step without any water. Spray on, let it work, wipe off, done!

The special active formula reliably encapsulates dirt and grime so that it can be removed without scratching. Ideal, therefore, for a quick dry clean between major washes.

• Uncomplicated cleaning without water for somewhat dirty bicycles
• Cleans and polishes in one step
• Does not stick and does not leave streaks

• 750 ml

Muc-Off E-Bike Dry Chain Cleaner:

Developed to spare the electronic drive components of high-quality e-bikes and pedelecs a full bath, the E-Bike Dry Chain Cleaner from Muc-Off cleans dirty chains, chainrings and sprockets - all without water. The chain cleaner’s special formula removes oil, grease and dirt in seconds and evaporates directly after application. All that’s left afterwards is a completely cleaned surface. Even stubborn dirt, including waterproof grease and chain oil and wax, is removed without leaving any residue. Suitable for all chain and belt drives, the chain cleaner does not need to be rinsed with water after use.

• Suitable for all chain and belt drives
• Dries fast and without leaving any residue
• Effortlessly removes oil, lubricants and dirt
• No need to rinse with water (i.e. the chain is immediately ready for new lubrication)

• 500 ml

Muc-Off E-Bike Dry Lube Chain Lubricant:

The powerful drives of modern e-bikes and pedelecs demand a lot from the chain.
The Muc-Off E-Bike Dry Lube chain oil was specially developed for e-bike chains, to counteract the high torque loads. The addition of ceramic and boron nitride reduces friction and wear to a minimum and also impresses with its high lubricity. Nevertheless, the special formula does not attract dust, making the E-Bike Dry Lube chain lubricant ideal for dusty and dry conditions.

• Specially developed for e-bike chains under heavy loads
• Suitable for dry and dusty weather conditions on and off road
• Contains ceramic and boron nitride additives for increased protection and minimal friction
• Dropper bottle for easy and economical application
• Uses biodegradable organic compounds

• 50 ml

Not only the chain, but also the shift cables, shifters, gears and pedals benefit from regular application. In addition, thanks to the integrated UV dye, you can check for an even coating under black light.

Muc-Off Microfiber Cleaning Cloth:

Ultra-fine Muc-Off microfibre cloth in premium quality for gentle cleaning of paintwork.

• Leaves a shiny, streak-free surface
• No risk of scratches or damage to surfaces and coatings
• Machine washable up to 60° C
• Also ideal for: helmet visors, goggles, sunglasses, MX and ski goggles, smartphones, etc.

Technical details:
• Material: 80% polyester, 20% polyamide
• Size: approx. 40 x 40 cm

In the box:
Muc-Off E-Bike Wash & Lube Set consisting of:
• 1 x Muc Off E-Bike Waterless Wash bike cleaner, 750 ml (also available separately under prod. code 2279368)
• 1 x Muc-Off E-Bike Dry Chain Cleaner, 500 ml
• 1 x Muc-Off E-Bike Dry Lube chain oil for dryness, 50 ml (also available separately under prod. code 2279375)
• 1 x Muc-Off microfibre cloth (also available separately available under prod. code 1721049)

The Muc-Off E-Bike Waterless Wash bicycle cleaner can also be used to clean bicycles without electronic pedal assistance. In particular, full-suspension mountain bikes with their many frame bearings are often grateful for every escaped full bath (assuming it’s not too dirty, of course).

Hazard and precautionary statements:
Extremely flammable aerosol. Pressurised container. May burst if heated. Causes skin irritation. May cause drowsiness or dizziness. May be fatal if swallowed or if it enters airways. Toxic to aquatic life, with long lasting effects. Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources. No smoking. Avoid release to the environment. Dispose of contents/container in accordance with local, regional regulations.

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E-Bike Wash & Lube Set Dry Cleaning and Care Kit


E-Bike Wash & Lube Set Dry Cleaning and Care Kit