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ML-Light RECHARGE 30 Lux Rechargeable Lighting Set

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If you like to take your e-bike out for some exercise at dusk, you can easily light up the darkness with the detachable and rechargeable ML-Light Set RECHARGE 30 Lux lights.

The optionally available, rechargeable RECHARGE version of the MonkeyLink Interface Bike establishes the connection between the bracket and the light set – fast, simple and intuitive. This can transform a sporty mountain bike into a bike suitable for everyday use.

The ML-Light Set RE 30 Lux lighting set can be attached to your e-bike in no time with a self-locking, quick connection. If your bike is fitted with the MonkeyLink system as standard, you can choose the RECHARGE battery light according to wattage.

The ML-Light Front RECHARGE headlight impresses with up to 30 lux lighting power and forms a complete light set for your bike together with the ML-Light Rear RECHARGE at the back.

• Powerful, rechargeable light set for the MonkeyLink system
• Quick attachment to MonkeyLink brackets
• Self-locking magnetic system
• Rechargeable via USB port in a short time
• StVZO-approved for all types of bikes

The MonkeyLink system allows you to mount bike accessories, such as lights or mudguards, to your bike with a flick of the wrist, thanks to a universal mount. The system is specifically designed for bikes without a power supply (RECHARGE) or e-bikes (CONNECT). Magnetic connectors allow for easy installation. One connection – countless possibilities.

As some bike manufacturers fit their bikes with the MonkeyLink system as a standard, the light set comes without fastening materials.
The MonkeyLight RECHARGE light set requires a suitable holder. The front light can be attached via the MonkeyLink Interface Bike RECHARGE for the front (prod. code 2281175) either at the ML-Handlebar Clamp (prod. code 2268392) or a compatible stem (such as prod. code 2268383).
For the MonkeyLight Rear RECHARGE rear light you need the rear MonkeyLink Interface Bike RECHARGE (prod. code 2281136) and a MonkeyLink saddle clamp (prod. code 2268388 or 2268389).

Front Light technical details:
• Material: plastic
• Installation: MonkeyLink mount
• Lamp: LED
• Light output: 30 lux
• Battery type: integrated lithium-ion battery
• Battery indicator: yes
• Light modes: 2 (high = 30 lux / low = 15 lux)
• Burn time: approx. 5 hours (30 lux)
• Lateral visibility: yes
• USB socket: Micro-USB (type B)
• Protection rating: IPX4 (protection against spray water from all sides)
• Dimensions: approx. 80 mm (length) x 45 mm (width) x 45 mm (height)
• Weight: approx. 99 g

Rear light technical details:
• Material: plastic
• Installation: MonkeyLink mount
• Lamp: LED
• Battery type: integrated lithium-ion battery
• Battery indicator: yes
• Burn time: up to 5.5 hours
• 220° beam angle
• Light modes: 1 (permanent light)
• USB socket: micro-USB
• Protection rating: IPX4 (protection against spray water from all sides)
• Dimensions: approx. 90 mm x 25 mm x 38 mm
• Weight: approx. 49 g

In the box:
MonkeyLink ML-Light RECHARGE 30 Lux rechargeable lighting set, consisting of:
• 1 MonkeyLink ML-Light Front RECHARGE 30 Lux rechargeable headlight (prod. code 2268377)
• 1 MonkeyLink ML-Light rechargeable rear light RECHARGE (prod. code 2268378)
• 1 charging cable USB / micro-USB
Attention: Comes WITHOUT connector and bracket (optional).

If you ride without lighting during the day, then use compatible front and rear reflectors for the Interface Bike RECHARGE to keep off dirt and improve your visibility (product code: 2268390/2268391). 

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