•  50 000 tuotetta saatavilla heti toimitukseen
  •  Ilmainen palautus (kaikista EU-maista)
  •  Henkilökohtaista neuvontaa pyörän hankintaan
  •  30 päivän palautusoikeus
  •  Pyörät kootaan Saksassa

Thule Chariot

Thule was established in Sweden in 1942 and ever since, the brand manufacturer made it their business to bring you closer to the world and your passion for life. The employees are an international group of people united by their passion to help active families and outdoor enthusiasts. Thule helps you transport anything you need safely, easily and in style so that you are free to live your active life – whether you're in the city or out in the nature. Whatever your passion, whatever your pursuit, wherever you're going, whatever you're bringing: With Thule, you're free to live your active life to the full.

Take your kids along
To transport equipment safely, easily and in style so that the customers are free to live their active lives is one mission. However, the idea to provide the right equipment for kids is just as important. No matter if it’s about cycling, hiking or even skiing: Thule develops robust, safe and stylish child carriers (such as bicycle trailers or jogging sets) and thus helps families to enjoy their active lives at any place and any time of the year.

Safety first
All products developed by Thule meet the international safety standards or even surpass them. Strict, internal test procedures make sure that the products withstand toughest conditions and that adults and children will always get back home safely.

Practical, user-friendly, perfectly fitting
Thule products are designed by outdoor enthusiasts who place a high value on practical and user-friendly products. Moreover, Thule products should perfectly meet the needs of the customers, their kids and their active lifestyle – no matter whether they want to take along a newborn or a child that can walk independently. Whether for strolling, jogging, cycling, hiking or skiing: Thule child carriers offer highest performance and versatility to make sure that young families can enjoy numerous activities at any time of the year. 5 activities. 4 seasons. 1 carrier.