•  50 000 tuotetta saatavilla heti toimitukseen
  •  Ilmainen palautus (kaikista EU-maista)
  •  Henkilökohtaista neuvontaa pyörän hankintaan
  •  30 päivän palautusoikeus
  •  Pyörät kootaan Saksassa

The Beam
Safety for Cyclists

TheBeam is a French South Korean company with a strong mission to protect cyclists in road traffic and possibly save lives. Therefore, the company develops innovative products and technologies.

TheBeam – Passion meets Design
Among the TheBeam staff, there is a wide range of experience and perspectives, from industrial, fashion and graphic designers, CAD and polymer engineers to communicators, marketers, and ambassadors – all with a huge passion for cycling. That's why the company has been known for high-quality products and continuous further development since its foundation in 2005. Their innovative concepts and solutions have impressed cyclists all over the world. Apart from safety, design, innovation and business awards, TheBeam has also received the red dot award.

TheBeam – Products for Cyclists
The product range of the popular brand includes rear-view mirrors for mountain bikes and road bikes, as well as bike lights and other accessories for cycling. Discover our range of TheBeam products, offering extra safety for any type of rider.