•  50 000 tuotetta saatavilla heti toimitukseen
  •  Ilmainen palautus (kaikista EU-maista)
  •  Henkilökohtaista neuvontaa pyörän hankintaan
  •  30 päivän palautusoikeus
  •  Pyörät kootaan Saksassa

Clothing and accessories for the dark season

The dark season approaches. Whether you are on your way to work or on a casual after work ride – the sun gives way to long nights.

Still that’s no reason to stay at home or take the car instead! The time has come for hi-vis clothing!

Striking neon colours stand out from the mass and make you more visible for other road users in poor lighting conditions.

Reflective is the new black

Hi-vis is not an equivalent to neon colours – that’s what our muted products show. At first sight they appear dark and offer thus a discreet, timeless look. However, when they are hit by headlights, they show their true colours.

The best example: CRAFT’s RIDE GLOW JKT! Its upper material is reflective all around and shines in a discreet anthracite during daylight. Yet, if it gets illuminated, it shows its full potential and turns night into day.

Whether with large reflective elements or striking neon colours – treat yourself to some great hi-vis clothes and get ready for the dark season!