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Pull Kickboard Aquaboard

Tuotenumero: 229710201

18,70 OVH 24,95 €

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Pull buoy or kickboard, focus on arms or legs? With the PULL KICKBOARD by HEAD it’s up to you to decide which muscles to work on. This saves space in your sports bag and is especially suitable for triathletes who have to carry many other accessories.

Used as a small kickboard, it gives your upper body enough buoyancy to focus on your legs, gain core stability and work on the lower body muscles. Moulded hand grips help you hold your arms in position. To effectively work on your arm muscles, you can hold the PULL KICKBOARD between your thighs and use it as a pull buoy. The buoyancy lets your legs float in the water, so you can focus on stroke technique and increase your upper body strength.

With that, the PULL KICKBOARD combines the advantages of pull buoy and kickboard in one and is always there when you don’t know how your swimming workout will look like.

• Universal training tool for swim and triathlon training
• Suitable for versatile use: pull buoy and kickboard in one
• Targeted technique and strength training for arms and legs
• For all swimming styles
• Moulded hand grips for improved hold
• Made of high-quality, closed cell EVA foam

• Material: ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA)

In the box:
• 1x HEAD pull kickboard

Training aids like kickboards, pull buoys or paddles may help improve your training success when used properly. To prevent unnecessary stress on your shoulders etc., please inform yourself about the correct use of the kickboard beforehand.

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