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Formula R1R front and rear wheel disc brake

Tuotenumero: 228075001

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Doing things in a big way! This must have been the motto of Formula’s engineers when developing the R1 Racing disc brake for CC-Race use, as they have digged deep in the box with precious materials. High-quality forged and polished aluminium meets titanium fixing screws and Kevlar reinforced high-pressure brake hoses. This results in a high-performance brake, which is not only extremely lightweight with just about 267 grams, yet also powerful and rigid enough that is can be used even for all-mountain and enduro riding. This is made possible by a one-piece forged aluminium brake caliper with 22 mm piston diameter and a pull-style PPT master cylinder for reduced internal friction and more stability in the brake lever. What’s more, the Formula R1R with its noble finish is the perfect eye-catcher on every well-specced mountain bike.

· For front or rear wheel
· Area of use: Race, Cross-Country, Trail, All-Mountain
· Fully hydraulic 2-piston disc brake
· One-piece Postmount caliper with 22 mm pistonØ
· Pull-style PPT master cylinder (Pull Piston Technology)
· Brake caliper and lever housing made from forged and anodised aluminium
· Brake lever for right/left-hand mounting (flip-flop design)
· Adjustable lever reach
· Easy access to bleeding screws
· Kevlar-reinforced brake hose
· Titanium fixing screws
· ECT (Enhanced Caliper Technology): increased piston retraction for easy mounting
· Compatible with FCS (Feeling Control System) (optional)
· Compatible with Speedlock (optional)
· Compatible with MixMaster (optional)
· Brake medium: DOT 4
· Brake pads: organic on aluminium carrier
· Hose length: approx. 1750 mm (can be cut to length)
· Weight: approx. 267 g (85 cm hose, 160 mm brake disc + screws)

Recommended brake rotor:
· Formula brake disc 6-bolt (product code: 1148787).

For the appropriate bleeding kit see product code: 364508.

1x disc brake for front and rear with brake lever, brake caliper and brake hose filled ready for mounting and bled, fixing material.
WITHOUT brake discs and WITHOUT adapters!


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