Ergotec Safety Level

"Steer safely. Sit safely." - That's the motto of ergotec.

Thanks to a specially developed safety classification for their steering systems and seat posts, the traditional German brand promises a safe ride in all conditions – whether on the mountain bike, touring bike or city bike. Every product is thoroughly tested in the ergotec test centre and subjected to hard long-term testing before making its way into the ROSE online shop. Moreover, the ergotec safety standards far exceed the official standards.

Learn more about the ergotec SAFETY LEVEL and find out how the German brand manages to make your ride even safer here.

What is the ergotec SAFETY LEVEL?
ergotec SAFETY LEVEL is a specially developed safety classification for bike steering systems and seat posts. ergotec products have a SAFETY LEVEL of 1 to 6. The higher the level, the greater the safety.

How is the ergotec SAFETY LEVEL awarded?
All handlebars and stems are subjected to hard long-term testing, both individually and in combination. The same applies to seat posts. The tests are carried out in accordance with European testing standards or even higher standards. ergotec has one of the biggest test centres among bicycle manufacturers all over Europe.

Which products carry the ergotec SAFETY LEVEL?
All ergotec handlebars and stems are tested without exception and classified with a SAFETY LEVEL. All ergotec seat posts also have a SAFETY LEVEL. Irrespective of whether you ride a mountain bike, an e-bike or a touring bike – you will always get the right component with safety certification.

This is how ergotec tests the SAFETY LEVEL
ergotec is one of only few European bike handlebar manufacturers offering a very big test centre. Furthermore, ergotec products are tested frequently at recognised independent institutions.
The test configuration is defined by European standards. This involves 100 000 anti-phase load changes and 100 000 in-phase load changes being applied to the handlebar/stem unit. Requirements: The test subject must not break or show visible cracks.

DIN EN standards and the higher ergotec Plus standard
Bike handlebars must meet European standards. ergotec has additionally defined its own standard which places significantly higher demands on the handlebars and stems and which always tests the combination of handlebars and stem at that. This standard is used to put steering systems for e-bikes 25 and heavily loaded commuter bikes through their paces.

Formore information on the ergotec SAFETY LEVEL and a configurator to find the right safety level for your weight and style of riding see here.