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Stem Pro SDS Super Strong A-Head Stem with Adjustable Angle

Tuotenumero: 231262101

52,05 OVH 54,95 €

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Especially designed for heavy MTBs and e-bike loads, the angle-adjustable by.Schulz Stem Pro SDS Super Strong A-Head stem offers individual adjustment options for an optimal posture. Quickly brought into the desired position, the solid counter-bolted steerer clamp with robust ratchet toothing in the adjustment joint securely holds its position. At any angle, at any stem length. With its aerodynamic design, the variable stem is a secure bridge at the steering centre and blends well with the bike's look on both swift road bikes and more heavily used off-road bikes.

A cool highlight is the specially shaped SDS faceplate with mount for matching adapters (e.g. product code: 2269475). You don’t even have to remove or loosen your bar to install the SDS link. Simply slide the adapter into the mount of the 4-bolt SDS faceplate with the handlebar installed, adjust it to the proper position and fix it. This allows you to fit accessories directly to the faceplate and adjust them. The lamp, bike computer and other accessories, mounted individually or in combination, can all find the perfect place in the central handlebar area.

• 1 1/8" Ahead stem
• Reinforced super strong version
• For threadless forks with steerer outer Ø 28.6 mm
• Incl. faceplate for SDS Basic Link
• Handlebar clamp: Ø 31.8 mm
• Clamping height: approx. 40 mm
• Angle adjustment: -20° to +40° (in 10° steps)
• Robust joint toothing
• 4-bolt handlebar clamp
• Suitable for MTB use
• E-bike ready

Technical details:
• Material: 6061 T6 aluminium, 3D forged, black anodised
• Weight: approx. 95 mm - 233 g, 110 mm - 236 g, 125 mm - 239 g

The Stem Pro SDS stem Super Strong is designed for bicycles, pedelecs and e-bikes up to 45 km/h. It is NOT suitable for stresses that occur during downhill, dual slalom or freeriding or for riding profiles with larger jumps.

Manufacturer`s ref.:
Handlebar clamp in mm:
Steerer tube clamp:
1 1/8"
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Stem Pro SDS Super Strong A-Head Stem with Adjustable Angle

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