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Groove Pro foam roller

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The Blackroll Groove Pro looks inconspicuous, but is highy effective. What started with a smooth standard roll and has been further developed with increasing success has turned into a real power tool with the Groove Pro. The grooved surface of the first Groove generation offers a new level of massage. Thus, fast rolling out will even have a vibration effect, which additionally increases the blood flow and stimulates the receptors of the tissue and the muscles. The Groove Pro version comes with a material that is 50% harder, which turns the grooved Blackroll into a tough all-round tool for effective myofascial training for roller pros and pro athletes. Individual variation of the pressure through relief techniques allows for a wide therapeutic potential. When used correctly, the roll is also suitable for a dynamic mobilization of deeper muscle groups, especially before (strength) training and races. Muscles and tissue are treated in a targeted way thanks to direct pressure and relief. Besides, the Groove Pro can also be used to practice your balance. After sports, too, a gentle roll-out of the body regions helps you to relax your muscles and to boost circulation to hydrate the tissues. Good vibrations!

· Foam roller for self-massage
· Grooved surface
· 50% harder than the Blackroll Standard
· With vibration effect when rolling
· For full-body massage
· Intensive roll-out and active stimulation in one
· Hydration of the fascia and boosting of circulation
· For use on the ground or at the wall
· Shape-retaining for balance and strength exercises
· Proven material quality
· Odourless and free from chemicals
· Easy to clean
· 100% recycable
· Made in Germany

· Size: approx. 30 x 15 cm
· Weight: approx. 270 g

In the box:
· Blackroll Groove Pro foam roller

Pictures: © BLACKROLL / Sebastian Schöffel

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Groove Pro foam roller